The Good Things about Switching to Electric Cars

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The invention of the wheel has brought about the most diverse and most impactful devices in human history. It brought us horse carriages which date back to the middle-ages, bicycles, and it has brought us cars which have since then been a staple in human society. 

The automobile industry has come in the forms of SUVs and sedans and has provided millions of jobs across a variety of sectors. It also has impacted most of the pop culture. Take James Bond as an example with his supercars or Back To The Future‘s time-traveling vehicle. Now, it has become somewhat of a symbol for a person’s social status. 

Though we cannot question the number of benefits a car has given humans throughout the years, we can question its negative impacts on the world we live in.

Negative Impacts of Gasoline-powered Cars

Ever since the beginning, the primary fuel of cars has always been some form of gasoline. Gasoline-powered cars have roamed since the late 1800s and have been impacting the environment negatively every single year. How it manages to do so is because of the pollutants that every car produces into the air. 

Gasoline-powered cars are one of the main contributors to air pollution. And every day, gasoline-powered vehicles emit 4.6 metric tons of harmful carbon dioxide per year on average, which equals about 4,600 kilograms.

Another downside is the source of fuel for these types of cars. According to EPA estimates, more than 57% of the oil Americans use comes from foreign sources like the Middle East and countries that are members of OPEC (Oil Producing and Export Countries).

A Little History

As the problem of gasoline-powered vehicle pollution grows, research has been done to find ways to solve it. The most impactful way to solve the problem was to replace the fuel of vehicles and use electric power instead of gasoline. 

Now, electric cars have been around as long as gasoline-powered ones (since the 1800s), but they have never really been widely implanted and accepted by society until now. 

The first modern electric car surfaced in the mid-1990s, and it came in the form of the General Motors EV1, which was the first-ever electric car worldwide to be mass-produced and used by more people in society. 

Its release has since then allowed for the car industry to be more open to the idea of mass-producing electric cars, and eventually opened a spot in the market for the founding of Tesla Motors in 2003.

Why Electric Cars are Better

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What exactly are the reasons why electric cars impact society better? Here are reasons why it is more suitable for the environment.

More Energy Efficient 

Electric cars are 75% efficient in turning potential energy to kinetic (moving) energy compared to gasoline-powered cars that are only 25% efficient in doing so.

Produces Fewer Greenhouse Gasse

Since electric cars do not have engines that combust any form of gasoline, it is much safer for the environment compared to gasoline-powered cars, which emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. 

Public Health Improvement 

Since electric cars aren’t close to emitting as much carbon dioxide as their gasoline counterparts, they have done a great job in reducing the overall air pollution that humans have to encounter every day.

Technological Growth 

The growth of the market for electric cars has since then spurred the economy to grow as well. Electric car manufacturers have been improving their models every year and have established electric vehicles as the gold standard of modern car technology.

These are just some positive impacts of electric cars, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have any downsides, the most common of which are their expensive prices. 

But as the electric car industry grows and more and more people embrace this future of car technology. The demand for these electric cars will arise, thus causing more car companies to start producing them and eventually causing the prices to drop. The key that will drive such a scenario to occur is competition since that is the main pillar of great products in the market.

The idea of using sustainable/renewable counterparts of everyday things in our lives must be embraced by more people in general. This doesn’t just apply to cars but also foods, utensils, bags, chairs, bottles, shoes, and so on. For example, if a lot of business computer repair personnel were to attend to their customers or deliver services on the go, and use electric vehicles for transport, they would not only do a service to their customer but to the environment too.

Electric cars made humanity one step closer to a better, more environmentally friendly future. It is up to us humans and our everyday decisions to take charge and actively do other ways to improve the situation of our environment and make the world a better place for the next generation.

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