The Biggest Summertime Myths Regarding Car Care


It feels great and comfortable to move around in your car. However, do you know how to take care of the leather seats? You must have a maintenance routine that will keep your leather car seats looking brand new for longer.

The many summertime myths should not fool you regarding car care. Take time to learn the best care procedures and the products you need to use. That way, your car will remain in good shape for the longest time.

How To Take Care Of Leather Car Seats and Interiors

Vacuum: The first thing you must do is vacuum clean your car. That way, you will get rid of the dirt and debris that might cause harm to your leather car seats. The brush you choose for vacuuming must have a soft head.

Clean: take your ideal leather cleaner and apply it to the surface. Cover every part of the seats with the product. Massage the car seats in a circular motion.

Condition: apply a conditioner on the leather seats to make them shiny and oily.

Maintain: proper maintenance of car leather seats and interiors enhances its durability. Experts recommend you clean them once a month. However, consider factors like weather elements and sun exposure levels.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

For those asking, is ceramic coating worth it? It’s a polymer solution that you apply on the car exterior to protect it from external paint damage. It bonds well with your car’s paint protecting it from contaminants. You can easily clean your vehicle as well.

What Makes Ceramic Coating Worth It?

  •         They are incredibly resistant; ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the surface of your vehicle and hardens. You cannot get rid of it using pressure washers or paint cleaners.
  •         Protect your car against pollutants; pollution is a problem in today’s society. The ceramic coating shields your vehicle from brake fluid pollutants, cleaners, and many others.
  •         They keep your vehicle safe from harmful sun rays. Ultraviolet radiation can damage your car paints.

Ceramic Coating Products

Nexgen Ceramic Spray; It is the best ceramic spray for your car. Nexgen spray is 4x better than the other ceramic sprays. It contains 13% of silicon dioxide, which makes it the most effective car spray.

Nexgen spray helps repel dirt and dust and prevents annoying spots on your vehicle.It further adds a protective layer over a clear coat and paints and shields the exterior from UV rays that cause fading and cracking. Your car exterior is also kept safe from corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

Torque Detail; torque detail is a ceramic coating product that has been in use for a while.It has silicone dioxide that makes it effective in protecting the exterior of your vehicle. It also has a hydrophobic protective feature that makes it a strong water repellant.

Shine Amor  gives your vehicle a shiny, professional appearance. Shine Amor enables your car to stay clean and in excellent condition. It doesn’t leave any scratches or marks on your car after applying the spray. This ceramic spray is durable, easy to use, and such an excellent product.

It is vital to maintain your car well for it to serve you for long. You need to know the best ways to care for your car’s interior and exterior surfaces. Also, be informed of the ceramic coating products to use on the exterior of your vehicle. The above information will help you carry out proper car care.