The actual Heck is a Water Ionizer and Why the Daylights Do I Need a Water Ionization System?

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What the Heck is really a WATER IONIZER?

On a listing of things that most adults wish to be, “old” would most likely become way down at the underneath of that list, somewhere near “sick” and “dead”. Some sort of top-quality water ionizer truly transforms ordinary tap water straight into an extremely powerful antioxidant, which often slows down your aging process along with takes you about as shut as you’ll ever be ready to get to the proverbial “Fountain of Youth”.

Basically, just how can water ionizers work? They often have two water chambers–one with a positive electrode, and the other with a negative electrode. The damaging electrode attracts positive (alkaline) minerals to its holding chamber, while the positive electrode allures negative (acidic) minerals, for you to its chamber. Water coming into the ionizer has each mineral mixed together, however, by the time the ionization procedure is complete, one slot provided has nothing but alkaline variety minerals; the other chamber consists of only acidic-type minerals.

Both chambers are separated with a special membrane with truly tiny holes so small that water molecules (usually within structured clusters under a power field) can’t pass through, nevertheless large enough for the ionized inorganic minerals to go through. Ionization arises as water flows throughout the ionizer, which does not increase any chemicals or vitamins in the water. It only stands between the minerals already seen in the water in the alkaline area, or in the acidic area. If water has no vitamins, the ionizer can make not alkaline nor acidic normal water.


Just imagine you have the ability to take normal plain and turn it into an effective antioxidant and anti-aging drinking water all charged up with an adverse ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential), which retards our process of aging. Essentially, a high or good ORP causes oxidation at the cellular level, which increases the aging process. The negative ORP of Ionized Water efficiently slows down the aging process by counteracting positive ORP. Ionized Drinking water essentially renews us at the cellular level. This is as close as we can at any time hope to get to the ‘Fountain of Youth’, as extraordinary as that may sound. Nevertheless, keep in mind that life is a process involving chemistry, and since the human body is around two-thirds water, we can attain amazing results with alkaline ionized water charged program high-level electron energy.

As an illustration, fresh-squeezed orange juice has an ORP of -250. Though we can only drink several glasses of fresh orange fruit juice per day, we can drink just as much Ionized Water as we would like. Many people in Asia consume as many as two gallons associated with ionized water per day. Individuals in the Western world are now beginning to be aware of many benefits obtained from drinking plenty of ionized water. The trillions of body cells require ‘structured’ water in order to remain correctly hydrated. Sodium is the component that controls the balance of water surrounding cells. Therefore sodium intake (in the form of sea salt only) is vital to our health & wellbeing. In actuality, when our skin dehydrates it becomes ‘wrinkly’, which is not much of a sign of aging, but instead our neglect to keep the body sufficiently hydrated!


COST-FREE RADICALS are unstable breathable oxygen molecules that cause oxidation damage to healthy body cells, triggering them to ‘age’ prematurely. As soon as the hydroxyl antioxidant and cost-free radical have cancelled (neutralized) each other, our bodies are provided with much different oxygen, which produces a great deal of energy.

Oxygen is one of the almost all exhausted nutrients in our human body because of diets that element highly processed foods, plus the idea that we live in the World’s oxygen-depleted environment. In most crammed metropolitan areas, the oxygen levels often read 12-14% caused by industry, automobiles, people along with animals–all of which require o2 supply in order to function (the normal level is 21%). A big glass of Alkaline Ionized Water first thing in the morning prior to breakfast is a perfectly organic way for you to wake up energized having a “bang” because it primes your own digestive system for action.

Aerobic digestive system flora thrives on this unexpected burst of energized drinking water! To get the full benefit of adversely charged, oxygen-rich, ionized water, you’ve gotta eat it fresh and powerful, right out of the tap. Slow up the flow of your water ionizer and the glass you fill-up will have thousands of tiny pockets in it. These represent genuine antioxidant energy, which is why unfavourable ORP energy is the weakest aspect of ionized water, prolonged only a maximum of 18-24 a long time because this electrical energy readily goes away from ionized water.

Ionized water is also alkaline water; with its pH at in search. 5 is best suited for having. Ionized water helps the sense of balance of our body’s pH, which will tend to be (very) acidic caused of a diet comprised of cooked foodstuff, pasteurized or otherwise processed foods, foods, snacks, etc. With a minimum payment of 5 pH levels, carbonated drinks are the most acidic compound you can put into your body. This specific acidic condition creates a great environment in our bodies for disease to thrive. Like accumulated acidic waste inside your joints encourages inflammation and also arthritis.

Since ionized h2o is very Alkaline, it can reduce accumulated acidic waste and also return your body to it has ideal balance. Keeping our self Alkaline is the first distinctive line of defence in fighting off sickness. Ionized water is also in excess of three times more hydrating in comparison with conventional chlorinated water. Waters is one of the most important elements of systems. Ionized Water is simply different from conventional water.

This is due to the size and shape of this molecule cluster has minimized in size and changed in design to hexagonal, which allows this particular cluster to pass through our tissues more easily. One of the primary causes of the condition is chronic cellular lack, a condition that leaves the body’s cells in an everlasting state of weakness and also defence. This is one of the major reasons chronic disease provides the body with insufficient h2o. We simply do not beverage enough water (at the very least half our weight inside ounces) to keep ourselves adequately hydrated and therefore healthy.

Ionized Water is extremely Detoxifying.

This can be because of the reduced size and shape of the water molecule clusters. The moment reduced, these water groups pass through our body’s structure much easier and force available toxins and acid squander quite effectively. Water ionizers have several levels of toughness, so people who are toxic start by drinking mildly Ionized Water, slowly drinking the item in stronger doses when they acclimate to it.

Ionized Vitamins and minerals Are More Bio-Available

This means that your system can absorb them far more efficiently and make use of them where they are needed in your body. Water-soluble trace mineral deposits of any kind can be included in your water source from the filter on EOS H2o Ionizers. Although our bodies will need mineral nutrients to survive, nutrient deficiency is quite common. Ionized water is an efficient as well as effective way for your body to obtain a sufficient supply of minerals.

EOS Ionized Water Actually Enhances the Taste of Your Food

EOS water ionizers are efficiently powerful anti-aging devices that hydrate your food better, help bring out its organic flavour, and significantly reduce acid levels of any meals or drinks including espresso, tea & juice. Additionally, they ionize minerals in your meals which helps make them bio-available. In today’s environment, as humans, we’re constant competitors with millions of automotive motors for the existing oxygen provided. The statement “in the existence of Oxygen, the disease cannot exist” is a 100% Truth supported by science and the field of biology.

We know that Oxygen wrecks cancer cells as well as viruses and bacteria invading the body. Cancer along with disease cannot develop in a well-oxygenated environment, for the reason that all of these anaerobic ‘energies’ call for an anaerobic environment to formulate and thrive in. Cancers are nothing but a detrimental anaerobic rot, further served by viruses, moulds along with bacteria, all of which are always fascinated by and thrive in a Breathable oxygen-deficient environment.

Then precisely why the heck does the substantial & diverse ‘healthcare’ sector focus 100% on managing & researching anaerobic disorders, instead of preventing such disorders by simply focusing on accelerating the actual Aerobic Life Force? That is anybody’s guess… Regardless of the response to that loaded rhetorical issue, you’ve got a choice: You can possibly Drink Ionized Water in order to proactively PREVENT diseases you might as well just roll the chop by continuing to drink normal water and see if you can remain out the hospital for the rest of your daily life.

In order to learn as much as you would like to know about how a high-quality top-rated water ionizer and drinking water filter can serve as your age reversing device as it improves your wellbeing & well-being and reduces your aging process, and to uncover where you can try it out 100% SAFE, just visit…

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