The 3 Most Popular Red Wines


To determine which red wines to drink, you should know that the three most popular red grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. These three grapes are grown worldwide and are responsible for some of the world’s best-known red wines. In addition to the Bordeaux region, these grapes also grow abundantly in California’s Napa Valley and Australia’s Coonawarra wine region. These grapes have complex flavours and are best served with food and desserts. Select the Best Red Wines.

These three red wines are known for being food-friendly and making great holiday meal choices. While red wine generally pairs best with meat, these three grapes play well with other dishes. In addition to grilled meat and pork, they pair well with poultry and pasta. Those who like sweeter wines may also try Riesling, which is native to Germany and is known for its high acidity and hints of earthiness.

Shiraz, a French grape that originated in Burgundy, is now grown worldwide, including in Australia. Shiraz is one of the darkest reds, but it is a versatile wine that works well with various foods. This grape is also one of the most popular red wines in the United States.

Another up-and-coming red grape is Malbec, a newer star in the world of red wine. Malbec is best known in Argentina for its deep purple colour, low-to-medium acidity, and entire body. It combines jammy fruit flavours, hints of cocoa and tobacco and a pleasant oakiness.

Grenache is another popular red grape that pairs well with just about anything – from pork to chicken. Its high alcohol content and acidity make it a perfect match for spicy dishes. It is known as Garnacha in Spain. It is also commonly grown in France and the United States. It has a smoky finish, and it’s great with just about anything you eat.

Nebbiolo is another Italian red grape variety that can make great wine. This grape is known as “the wine of kings.” Its entire body and prominent tannins make it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a fruit-forward, rich red wine. While young Nebbiolo is typically light in colour, it can develop complex flavours with age.

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