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Sports arbitrage is the only way to ensure that a particular bet wins. With sports arbitrage, you can be sure your chances will result in a profit. How so? We’ll get there. Look into the Best info about tennis picks.

Sports Arbitrage Overview

Sports arbitrage is taking advantage of differences in odds between bookmakers. Bookmakers do not always use the same odds for the exact matches. Moreover, they rarely use the same odds as other bookmakers. Consider the upcoming game between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer:

Bet365 offers odds of 2.87 for Novak Djokovic and 1.40 for Roger Federer.
2.75 points favor Novak Djokovic, while 1.40 points tend toward Roger Federer.

As you can see, not all bookmakers use the same odds. This is what allows for arbitrage.

How Does Sports Arbitration Work?

In this article, we’ll focus on betting on tennis, but you can apply the sports arbitrage betting system to any sport you want.

Humans have practiced arbitrage for a long time. Banks have been doing it for a long time with currency differences. Sports arbitrage is a relatively new phenomenon. We cover all of the possible outcomes of a specific event. If it were a soccer game, we’d cover teams A, B, and the draw. We cover players A and B in tennis because there is no draw, and we don’t have to worry about it. This is why tennis is such a simple sport to arbitrage (there are only two possible outcomes).

Covering All Outcomes Results in a Loss…?

Yes, indeed. If you placed the bets with the same bookmaker, you would lose. However, remember how we mentioned that different bookmakers use different odds? That’s where the ‘loop-hole’ is if you will.

First, consider what would happen if we bet on both outcomes with the same bookmaker (in this case, Bet365).

We bet $100 on Federer at 1.40 odds and $48.78 on Djokovic at 2.87 odds (I’ll explain why I chose these different bet sizes in a minute). The following are the possible outcomes of the tennis match:

If Djokovic wins, we receive $140 and lose $100.
If Federer wins, we win $140 while losing $48.

If Djokovic wins, we will have lost $8.78 ($140 – $48.78 – $100 = -$8.78).
If Federer wins, we will have lost $8.78 ($140 – $100 – $48.78 = -$8.78).

As you can see, no matter what happens, we always lose $8. Can we reverse this? We certainly can. We place the various wagers with two different bookmakers. So let’s take a look at another betting site.

Djokovic’s odds are 2.58, while Federer’s odds are 1.60. We now place cross bets at these two bookmakers. We choose to bet to maximize our combined odds:

We bet $100 on Federer at 1.60 odds and $55.75 on Djokovic at 2.87 odds (bet sizes will be explained later). Let’s take a look at the results:

If Djokovic wins, we receive $160 and lose $100.
If Federer wins, we receive $160 and lose $55.75.

If Djokovic wins, we will have a net gain of $4.25 ($160 – $55.75 – $100 = $4.25).
If Federer wins, we will have a net profit of ($160 – $100 – $55.75 = $4.25). $4.25.

We will always win $4 regardless of the outcome. This may not appear much, but remember that it is scalable. For example, you could bet $200 on Federer and $111.5 on Djokovic to double your profit. You could even bet $1000 on Federer and $557.49 on Djokovic for a guaranteed profit of $42.51. Again, it may not appear much, but if you only made a few of these daily bets, you could easily quit your day job.

Before we look at the size of the bets we place on these tennis matches, we’ll look at how to determine whether or not a chance can be arbitraged.

Enter the odds into the formula:

odds1(power -1) plus odds2(power -1). You can place an arbitrage bet if this produces a result of less than 1. Consider the following wager as an example:

0.9734 = 1.60(power -1) + 2.87(power -1). As a result, we can place an arbitrage wager.

Let’s decide how much we want to bet on specific tennis matches. This is accomplished using a simple formula. For example, if you wish to bet s1 on outcome 1, you must do the following:

On outcome two, s2 = s1 * o1 / o2.

Consider our previous example once more. We bet $100 on outcome one at 1.60 odds. On outcome number two, we want to include the following:

s2 = $100 * 1.60 / 2.87 = $55.75

Elegant and simple.

Sports arbitraging is one of the best options if you want to make a living betting on tennis or any other sport.

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