T-Shirt Design – Choosing Among Screen and Digital Publishing

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Various techniques can be used to print your t-shirt design onto your Tee shirt, jersey, and unsurprisingly, they generate different results. In this article, all of us examine screen printing and digital t-shirt printing and the pros and cons of each one to assist you in choosing the best way to create your wish t-shirt. How to buy t-shirt design bundle?

Screen printing intended for t-shirts

If you had a hands-on art teacher at an institution, you might have tried a simple variation of screen printing where a template for each color within your design creates the spots where the ink can be shoved onto the fabric.

The same basic principle applies in professional shirt screen printing, although there is more automation of the actual making once the set-up has been completed.

A digital printing

This is sometimes referred to as “direct to the garment a digital printing” or simply DTG. It involves the application of water-based textile inks to the t-shirt employing a specialized digital printer. The look is usually fixed onto typically the garment with a heat hit.

Choosing the best t-shirt printing strategy

When considering which technique to use for a t-shirt print manager, many ask which provides a good quality finish. The best strategy depends on the t-shirt layout you want to print, as many are better suited to each design. It also depends on the colorings you are printing and the shade of the base garment way too.

The best T-shirt designs intended for screen printing

Bold patterns with thick lines and a few colors are best for screen printing, producing high-quality results. If you are using a digital photo with fine color mixing up or black and white shading in the t-shirt design, screen making will not reproduce the well.

Of course, other factors can influence the price of your shirt run, such as the number currently being produced, especially as monitor printing does involve far more setting up before printing will start. The number of colors in the layout also affects the price being a different screen is required per color.

If your T-shirt layout is relatively simple, screen making may well be the best option as it creates a very high-quality finish. Many t-shirt printing companies believe that the best vibrancy involving color can only be made by screen printing.

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The reliability of screen-printed t-shirts following numerous wears and washes is also considered the best, but of course, the standard of inks used and the bottom garment will also be a factor.

The most effective T-shirt designs for electronic digital printing

Advances in stamping technology have improved the completion of digitally printed t-shirts immensely over recent years. Should you have tried it a few years before and were disappointed simply by seeing dots in your design and style, don’t let it discourage you at this point.

Modern digital t-shirt stamping machines produce better coatings now, with better toughness than ever before.

If you are using a photograph or perhaps complex, multi-colored image inside your t-shirt design, digital stamping is the way to go as it can duplicate photorealistic designs. In addition, Oahu is the cheaper option if you only need a small number of t-shirts produced because the set-up costs are reduced.

One important factor to consider together with digital printing is the coloring of the base garment since. Generally, that color is one of prominence in the design. Consequently, the best effects are obtained using white t-shirts if printing a multi-colored style and design.

Only the very best DTG jersey printers may be able to get great results with black as well as dark-colored t-shirts. Producing white ink can still possibly be problematic, so avoiding employing DTG t-shirt printing to get designs that contain substantial light areas, especially on black base garments, is a prudent choice.


With the innovations in digital T-shirt production over recent years, it’s not simply a case of “screen printing produces the best results” – instead, start with requirements of your design and always check whether screen printing, as well as DTG digital T-shirt producing, can best reproduce the item.

In short, if your design is set up and has few colors, typically, screen printing is the technique to opt for, but maybe higher priced for a small print run.

If the T-shirt design involves many colors and photorealistic images, and then digital printing should be the initial choice. Of course, the best jacket printing companies will be thrilled to give you advice on what is about you your needs.

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