Strategy and win-win trick in blast game and the best site with high coefficients


He is one of the most professional programmers in this field and manages the site quite professionally. Proficiency in PHP programming language; They have JAVA and و and are elite in their field. According to our friend’s reviews and with a lot of analysis on the sections “Explosion Game Rate” – “Explosion Game Server” and “Deposit and Withdrawal”, I guarantee this site works better than similar sites in the following cases.

Professional deposit and payment calculated with a secure banking portal

Do not touch the blast game coefficients

No hacker robot

Instant and fast harvest

Friends who register and play or predict on other sites; Just try this site to see the difference; Do not miss this site, I worked very hard to find it. In fact, this site is a reputable site for blasting games. Frequently Asked Questions about Blast Games.  استراتژی و ترفند برد در بازی انفجار و بهترین سایت با ضرایب بالا

Is blasting fair?

This question is basically asked out of ignorance. Casino games can be neither fair nor unfair. The casino is a gamble and in your gambling, you may win or lose depending on your circumstances, profession, luck, and ability. But what is quite clear about the explosion is the strange performance of its system, which makes this casino game the most exciting and, of course, most unpredictable game in the world.

Do betting sites cheat by blasting?

This is entirely related to the site you choose to bet on. There are profiteers in all fields, and it is you who should not be deceived by these people with vigilance. But when it comes to blast fraud, we have to say that all reputable sites have a regular system that has been checked thousands of times and will never cheat users.

Is it possible to succeed in the blasted game?

Yes, the explosion game algorithm can be examined and identified with the help of special methods. Of course, this is very difficult, but in general, the success rate in this game is very high compared to other games. This is what made the explosion game so popular.

Is it possible to hack an explosion game?

No doubt you will never be able to hack the explosion game. This game has a very complex algorithm and can not be penetrated in any way. The only way to succeed in this game is to analyze and evaluate the game coefficient.

Has a trick been identified to determine the coefficient?

For the first time, many tricks have been recorded to determine the explosion game coefficient. We have brought all of them for you in this article and explained the coefficient evaluation tutorial in full.

What is the most reputable site for this game?

There are many explosion game sites in Iran. Among these, a small number have high credibility and are considered valid. In this article, we have introduced the most reputable explosion game site to you.

One day, I saw a lot of red odds. Is it really a fair play?

Note that during 24 hours a day, the number of coefficients above 1.8 “green coefficients” and the number of coefficients above 1.8 “red coefficients” is the same as explosion game; But they are not displayed in order and 20 red or green coefficients may be displayed in a row.

I saw a lot of people in the chat game exploding who introduce the coefficient, can they be trusted? Sometimes this can be done, But it is recommended to focus on your explosion game and use the experiences and tips on this page.

Complete blast game tutorial

Number 5: Do not play when the site is displaying coefficients and the number of red coefficients is high and wait for the green coefficients to be displayed; When the number of green coefficients is greater than the redness coefficients, “for example, 6 of the last 11 coefficients are green, but these 6 green coefficients are not in a row.”

Trick # 6 – Beware of consecutive green and red coefficients. Stop playing when the red odds come in a row. When you see consecutive green coefficients, for example, you see 4 coefficients; Enter the next coefficient and repeat this until you reach a red coefficient. Stop playing when the coefficient is red.

Number 7: Coefficients one in between It has been seen in many cases that the site has a green coefficient of at least 42% when it has passed the last 11 coefficients; It is possible to eliminate green coefficients 2 to 3 times; So if you felt these conditions on the site and saw a red factor; Then you can play the green coefficient and then the red coefficient.

Address without filtering explosion game

Blast game enthusiasts sometimes encounter site filtering; Filtering the blasted game causes users problems, such as slowness in the betting and withdrawal process during the game; In this case, by collecting more than 2000 comments from the idol smoker site, we will check the address without the explosion game filter, which will be updated daily by our website; Note that the Unfiltered Address of Blast Game will help you to use Blast Game completely and unfiltered with the utmost speed of your internet.

Game Blast without filter

In this section, you can click on the last link without the explosion game filter; This link is automatically updated every 12 hours by blocking spam created by the “HTTPS” secure connection. Almost the best link is the best way to get to the site of the explosion-free game. You can save this link and always use it.

Robot blast game

At the request of friends to build an explosion game robot, we provide you with the latest version of the only explosion game robot for free. Please read the description and guide of this robot first and then use it. Dear friend, please read the following guidelines carefully and then get the robot; Receiving the explosion game is like a complete study and accepting the risk of winning and losing in the explosion game.

Instructions for using the explosion game robot

The first part of the “initial amount” in this part is the amount that you intend to do at this time of the game; Enter the bet, for example, 100 thousand tomans. “Be careful, you do not need to put all your balance; There is no suggestion; “The risk is very high.”

Part 2 “Choosing a coefficient” In this part, you have to choose one of the available coefficients; The program has 5 coefficients for you; each coefficient according to its number; has a number of opportunities. For example, you choose a coefficient of 1.80, which gives you the opportunity to participate in a run 7 times, until the coefficient of that round reaches the number of 1.80, which means that in the worst possible case, it reaches the coefficient of 1.80 in the 7th time.

If in the 7 times that you participate in the rounds of the blasted game, the coefficient is 1.80, you will be compensated for all the losses you had and you will gain some profit. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not enter all of your balance in the program. Each time the site gives you a coefficient, if you participate in that round, use the I lost and won option.

Coefficient of the maximum number of opportunities

1.80 7 times

2.50 10 times

4.00 15 times

6.00 20 times

10.00 30 times

It is recommended that you use the tricks mentioned on this page to participate in game rounds and not participate in blast game rounds in a row.

For some time now, according to the reports, users in the forum, site, and numerous polls, “which are also used for the article of the valid betting site,” we have been trying to select and introduce a site that does not interfere in the codes of this game. ندهد; In fact, we will introduce you to a valid and completely healthy blast game site. So far, our team has reviewed more than 500 explosion game sites and analyzed their results. In this case, we met a friend of the coder and asked him to analyze the results obtained.

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