Splat Hair Dye, An Amazing product!

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Is Splat hair dye good? This is a common question for some people who are looking for a hair dye treatment. So if you need more colour anymore volume in your hair then this article will be very helpful for you. You may find some products to dye your hair but Splat hair dye is one of the most wonderful products in the market nowadays.

About Splat and is Splat hair dye good?

Splat can give you the hair treatment that you have dreamed of before. They have expressive, semi-permanent and temporary hair dye products. And besides this, they offered complete kits, single pouches and natural formulas. Splat products are paraben-free so that it gives your hair colour long lusting and ultra-vibrant results. But before starting uses of these colours, you need to eyes at the reviews.

Is splat hair dye good? Let’s see the overview

Fabulous and colourful hair has become a more common thing in our lives as the result will be always unique. Splat was founded in 1991 and established by Ann and Dave Agrey in southern California. And nowadays this is one of the bold hair colour companies on the market.

Pricing of their products

When it comes to the price of hair colour then we always think that it could be very expensive. But Splat hair dye is a high-quality hair product ata very affordable price. Such as,

  • Complete kit with bleach at $10.99
  • Natural collection at $ 14.99
  • Original single at $ 5.00
  • Midnight collection at $ 10.99
  • 10 wash collections at $ 8.99

All the products are available in the market and you can use them very easily.

Returning policy and services

Splat is the most popular hair dye company and they know the value of their customers. They provide the best possible services to everyone. And if you want to know about returning policy of this company. Then you have to purchase their items from their official website if you want to return them. Splat accept returns if you brought their products from their official website only.

So if you want to return products you need to know a few basic things. Such as,

  • You need to give your email address, order phone number and return no as well.
  • This company has 30 days return or exchange policy. So you need to return your item within 30 days after delivery.
  • After the return request is approved, the credit will be received within 7 days.

Some best products

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There all products are just fantastic but some of them are exclusive. Like,

Splat Complete kit with bleach

If you are bored with some regular colour then this is the one for you. This one will be the best for those who want to experiment with colours.

Pure Sapphire

In this section, choose the dark blue shade and it is a suggestion! This one has the most and the best reviews. It will also help your hair moisturiser keep in and prevent breakage.

Review of Splat hair dye

You can find both positive and negative reviews of this hair dye. Such as,

  • ” The colour is long-lasting and very gorgeous. “- David M
  • “Not only the colour, but it also givesgloves, lifting products and conditioners. “- Marina L

Some reviews are negative, like

  • ” Colour fades very quickly! “- Gorge D
  • “ it becomes very harsh on my hair and skin “ – Loris M


So if you want to try Splat hair dye then you can go for this and give it a try. But you need to choose the product properly. And before choosing them I will suggest you read the reviews first.

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