Skype App Reviews – The Best Video Conferencing App



Skype app reviews – Skype is a renowned name in the video conferencing app market. Since the launch in 2003, it has become a synonym for video calling. Often it is used as a verb in most dictionaries. Skype is maintained by Microsoft now. The app has over 300 million users who trust the app with their positive Skype app reviews, heavily rely on the app for their conferencing needs. 

Today, it is crucial to have a security presence on the internet. It is essential for video calling or conferencing for the confidential information of the users. Especially for business owners, having a secure interface to share any details is imperative. 

 Skype Features as per Skype app reviews

 The Skype app has come a long way with a fabulous array of distinct new features to date. Do not look any further to check out the salient features of the app. 


Skype has plans for both individuals and businesses. The audio and video platforms are free for up to 50 users. Which mostly suffice many business needs? However, Skype Credits are also available with their business packages. 


Needless to say that Skype is a loaded app with advanced features that they keep on upgrading day by day. In other words, you can record, share multimedia, chat, or share screen among other many characteristics, using the app easily. 


Skype is functional on all popular platforms, one can think. Be it android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, and even Alexa. On download, the app will guide the user throughout the setup process, step by step. 

 Interface and Performance:

Skype has a beautifully organized user interface, which provides an exceptional experience to users. Plus, the navigation on the app is seamlessly convenient.


Skype app reviews explain that it is a known name to provide secure video conferencing software. Skype offers its users 256-bit encryption to all incoming and outgoing communication. It helps to safeguard the personal user data from the third-parties. With the launch of end to end encryption, Skype has taken a step ahead of insecure service.


Skype has started to experiment with Artificial Intelligence Support. It comes after Microsoft and Skype came up with the idea to update and automate the whole support process. It has resulted in an increased number of FAQs and user guides on their platform to help their customers. 


According to Skype app reviews, the market has become critical ever with other giant players in the same industry. Skype has several popular video conferencing brands as its competition. With time it gets more crucial as some of these provide integrated features not yet seen in Skype. 



Nothing beats the great app as per Skype app reviews, which elaborates what the app is all about. Furthermore, its feature-rich interface makes it easier to use it for business purposes without compromising security. It app has an intuitive interface, which is imperative for a video conferencing messenger nowadays. The app serves end to end encrypted services. It is the fact that it is free, which makes it a solid choice among others. 


Is it safe to use Skype App for video calling?

Yes. The app uses the industry's best security features.

Is the Skype app free?

Yes. The app is free to use. However, for large business needs, paid plans are there.

Do you need a camera to call on Skype?

You can make a video call even if one person does not have a camera or webcam.

What can you do on Skype as per Skype app reviews?

Skype offers: • Audio and HD video calling. • Smart messaging. • Screen sharing. • Call recording and Live subtitles. • Call phones. • Private conversations.