Shynora Switches To Stylize Your Living Space


Feel like upgrading your home or office decor? Transform your living spaces with exquisite designs of Shynora switches and sockets from Indoasian.

Shynora is a unique class of IndoAsian that excel in switches and accessories with uber-stylish designs and trendy functionalities. They are meant to transform your home and office decor and make you shine with pride. 

The following is a detailed description of Shynora switches and their usefulness.

How is Shynora’s switch different from the rest?

Shynora range is equipped with intelligent technologies that inspire innovative and convenient lifestyles. Shynora switches are designed uniquely to blend with any decor. The switches have been designed to go with the surface and flush-fitting with plates. They also have efficient indicators to ensure convenience. 

Shynora switches are elementary to install. Their ability to blend seamlessly with any decor makes living spaces come alive. 

The innovation of switches at IndoAsian:

IndoAsian is acing the game of electrical devices, and it excels in innovative electrical wiring devices that enhance the aesthetics of any living space. 

Our Shynora range offers you five stunning plate finishes and two unique color schemes for switches and plates. The switches and plates come in dazzling colors like white, cool grey, chrome white, pink, and Milan gold, which are elegant.

Magnificent features of Shynora switches:

Shynora’s switches cannot go unnoticed. Shynora brings you a whole new range of intelligent and edgy electrical switches that are infused with the following features:

● Stunning designs to redefine living.

● Blend in with every home and office decor.

● Built with intelligent technology that is easy to use.

● LED indicators and laser markings for a smooth experience.

● Hassle-free installation process.

● Designed with high-quality materials to provide UV rays protection.

● RoHS complaints.

● Have IP 20 ratings and ISI marks.

● Humidity resistant.

● Provides benchmark safety.

Assured safety from IndoAsian’s Shynora:

When it comes to switches, go nowhere else but IndoAsian. While designing Shynora, we went to great lengths to live up to your trust in us.

IndoAsian is known for its superior quality Shynora switches that are safe to use. 

IndoAsian’s Shynora brings you premium quality switches and sockets that offer the ultimate solution for comfort and safety. Our products have ISI certification along with UV protection. Our switches are long-lasting that are RoHS-compliant and have IP 20 markings. Shynora switches are sturdy and robust, with high resistance against humidity and fire. 

Shynora gives you an assured range of wiring devices with a warranty of 10 years!

Visit IndoAsian for an extensive collection of Shyrona products. So, go ahead and bring Shynora today to elevate your home decor.

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