Seasonal Fishing: Best Fish to Catch During Different Seasons

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Fishing is an essential hobby for many Americans. However, there are many skills to learn for such a simple hobby, and some of them are identifying your fish, knowing when to fish, and where to find them. In this article, we will explore the best seasons for fishing if you’re looking for a specific type of fish. We will also be exploring where you can catch these fish.

In the U.S., we experience four different seasons. These seasons last at least three to four months, but changes in the environment can slow or hasten seasonal changes. Regardless of this, seasons mean many experienced anglers out there because some fish are much easier to catch depending on the season.


Salmon is one of the best fish to catch during spring. They are plentiful and can be found in many mountainous cities in the U.S. Alongside salmon, different soft shell crabs are also abundant during spring, as it’s usually the time when they shed their shells for the new year.


You can usually find salmon in the mountainous regions of the U.S. But they are also available in almost every river, especially in colder regions. During spring, salmon can also be found in the Pacific ocean. They are likely to be there until fall, so if you’re close to that big body of water, consider doing some fishing there.

Alaska is one of the best places to go fishing for salmon during the spring. Many good fishing resorts offer a vacation package for many anglers to fish during spring. It’s one of the best places to catch salmon, and spring is the best season to get the big ones. 

The salmon sub-species you should look out for during this season are king, sockeye, and Coho.

Soft Shell Crabs

If you’re into soft shell crabs, blue crabs are quite plentiful during the spring as well. You can find many of them in the Chesapeake Bay, but be careful. Many regulate the catching of soft shell crabs. You’ll have to wait when they are fully mature before you can catch them. Some locations in the U.S. might also forbid you to catch these highly sought out crabs. Make sure you know these rules beforehand.


Summer changes the kind of fish you’ll be catching on the East Coast. During this time, bluefish and striped bass are plentiful. They usually arrive during the end of spring, making themselves available to many fishermen during the start of the summer and by the end of fall.


Bluefish is one of the best fish to catch during the summer. One of the best places to catch bluefish is in Miami, Florida. You can catch bluefish as big as 42 inches. Those are monstrous sizes for such fish. You can also try fishing in the Gulf of Mexico during the summer if you want big fish like this bluefish.

Striped Bass

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Who does not like striped bass? It’s one of the more highly sought out fish out there because of their white meat. It’s high in protein and is super flavorful. Much like bluefish, striped bass is plentiful during summer. Most are caught by the Gulf of Mexico.


It can be quite hard to catch good fish during fall. One of the more plentiful fish during this season is halibut. You are also more likely to encounter sweet bay scallops if you’re not fishing.


Much like striped bass, halibut is a flavorful fish. Not the most attractive fish, but their taste and size can undoubtedly make them stand out. This fish can be caught throughout the seasons, but you’re more likely to catch one during the fall. You can catch this fish on the shores of California and Alaska.

Sweet Bay Scallops

Scallops are always a great addition to whatever you catch when you’re not fishing. You can also go diving for these scallops during the fall. They are the biggest at this time and one of the best shellfish to consume raw. So keep an eye out for these shellfish during this season. 


Ah, winter. One of the most challenging seasons to catch a fish because of the frozen lakes, rivers, and the cold temperatures of the seas and ocean. But this shouldn’t deter you from trying to catch a salmon or two. Also, if you’re into some crabs, make sure to visit Florida’s beaches for some stone crabs.


Once again, salmon is in season, but not all species of salmon. You’re most likely to encounter sockeye salmon during the winter. If you want to catch one easily, visit Alaska.

Stone Crabs

Stone crabs have huge claws, and they are the sweetest and most plentiful during the winter. You’ll find them on the shores of Florida going down to the Gulf of Mexico. Once again, look into some regulations before catching one of these things in the wild.

There you go—different fish and shellfish that are plentiful in each seaason. Waiting for the right season to go fishing can ensure that you can get the fattest fish. It also makes them a lot easier to catch.

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