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Safeco Insurance Reviews – The Safeco Insurance Company was founded in 1953 in the United States. The foundation of Safeco Insurance is in Seattle, Washington. The company sells insurance to automobiles, homeowners, and other insurance products and services to single people as well as to the companies.

The services of Safeco Insurance are offered by the company through independent brokers and agents. Along with that, it delivers quotes online. The wide network is spread in all 50 states and Safeco is the sixth largest automobile insurance seller.

Safeco Insurance Reviews – The benefits are increased when more than one policy is purchased by the client. Unlike Safeco auto insurance, Safeco homeowners insurance is not popular among people. Due to its complaints about customer service.

Auto insurance by Safeco


The auto insurance by Safeco is much appreciated by the clients due to its amazing services and wide coverage.  Safeco Insurance Reviews

What coverage does Safeco auto insurance provide?

Here are some of the best coverage points offered by Safeco:

Roadside Assistance

Safeco Insurance Reviews – The Roadside Assistance coverage helps the clients a lot in case if you forgot the keys in the car or your car stops working due to any technical issue so your car can be towed to the nearest repair shop. Along with that the fuel and battery services and car unlocking are also available 24/7 in Roadside assistance.

Claim valet services by Safeco

The claim valet service offers the client the facility to deliver a rental car to your home or office in case your car is damaged. The Safeco insurance company will take your car to the repair shop and you can have your car back once it is repaired. The rental reimbursement coverage is essential to make most of the valet services.

Loan coverage facility

Safeco Insurance Reviews – If the car is destroyed or is stolen so in this case, the Safeco insurance company offers to pay the difference between the loan left and the car’s price. In some states, it is also named gap insurance. Safeco Insurance Reviews

Safeco Insurance Reviews – What is the cost of Safeco car insurance? Safeco makes most of all the information you provide to give the best quote that would suit you. Your age, credit stores, living place, driving history, and marital status would serve as the factors which could decide your personal automobile insurance cost. It varies depending on these circumstances.

Homeowner insurance by SafecoSafeco Insurance Reviews

The Safeco homeowner insurance offers the following coverages and services:

What coverage does Safeco homeowner insurance offer?

Safeco Insurance Reviews – Belonging replacement Safeco offers you the service to pay for the new goods in order to replace the old one, without considering its form and condition, in case it is damaged or stolen.

Costly coverage Deductible is not included. The costly items such as jewelry, antiques, etc that are mentioned by you, to an agreed cost.

Coverage for single loss deductible In case your car and home both are damaged in a single incident so you are allowed to pay only a single deductible for both of them.

What is the cost of Safeco homeowner insurance?

Safeco Insurance Reviews – Like the Safeco auto insurance, the Safeco homeowner insurance is also based on some parameters. These factors of parameters include the condition, form, and age of your home. It also depends on the crime rate in the place you live and your claim history. Along with it, the other factors which decide the pricing of insurance are the size and location of your home. Safeco Insurance Reviews

Pros and Cons of Safeco Insurance Company


  • Reimbursement in case of accidents.
  •  Many deals in packages are available.
  • Websites are available easily.
  • Various discount policies.
  • 24/7 availability.


  • Customer satisfaction is below average.
  • Claiming is delayed.
  • Complicated billing process.

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