Reasons why Athletes and Non-athlete Need Beta-Alanine Supplements

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Amino acids are categorized into two; essential and non-essential amino acids. Non-essential amino acids like beta-alanine will naturally occur in our body system. They are biosynthesized in our systems, but supplementation is essential when the level produced isn’t enough to meet daily physiological activities.

Foods including fish, meat, and poultry are good sources of the Beta-alanine amino acid. For sports enthusiasts, beta-alanine supplementation has gained great popularity. The amino acid works by providing Carnosine buffering effect against muscle acidosis. Beta-alanine supplementation helps athlete improve their sports endurance and performance, but this doesn’t limit the non-athletes.

Why take beta-alanine supplementation?

Beta-alanine in our bodies will react with histidine releasing Carnosine as a byproduct. Carnosine buffering activity is quite beneficial in our bodies in that:

  • It’s an antioxidant

Older people need to get a beta-alanine prescription from their physician. Why? Beta-alanine induces the production of carnosine which acts as an antioxidant. Carnosine scavenges for free radicles from our body cells and tissues, which catalysis the cellular oxidation. We start seeing the aging effect on our skins due to cellular oxidation.  With the proper supplementation, the aging effect is reduced gradually in the old-age

  • Improves Athletic performance

Athletes have a high daily nutrient intake recommendation since they require extreme energy for their system functionality. With limited oxygen and rapid glucose breakdown in the muscles to generate energy, muscle acidosis is common due to lactic acid accumulation. Beta-alanine enhances athletes’ performance by increasing their endurance time and decreasing fatigue.

A study done to assess Beta-alanine’s effectiveness in increasing the exhaustion period on cyclists generated positive results.

  • Regulates body mass composition

Supplementing our diet with beta-alanine, our exercising power is improved. With improved exercising power, one can take long cardio workout challenges and control our body weight. Improved workout power leaves a lean muscle composition with decrease body fats.

  • Carnosine enhances mitochondria functionality.

Our body system is run by the energy generated from the food we eat. The breakdown of food(glucose) to ATP energy occurs in the mitochondria. The beta-alanine supplement provides enough carnosine content, which improves the mitochondria functioning through its antioxidation effect against free radicles. Carnosine blocks glycation in our systems, improving our body’s energy production.

  • Therapeutic effect in Neurological problems

Carnosine, the main component of beta-alanine amino acid, has a metal binding activity. Metals like zinc and iron, when at high levels in the body, lead to intoxication. Carnosine binds to these metals, reducing the toxicity effect, making it useful for treating neurological problems.

  • Corrective cross-linking effect of Carnosine

The cross-linking activity of carnosine reduces the aging rate and fights bad protein particles in our bodies. The glycation process speeds up the aging in humans, but with a good beta-alanine supplementation, the carnosine sacrifices itself for cross-linking, halting the glycation process.

Protein glycation may occur at an early age as a lifestyle problem. Harmful protein molecules are produced from protein glycation, but beta-alanine supplementation provides a remedy.


With all the health benefits, beta-alanine supplement proves to be good for everybody and not only the athletes.

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