Quirky Ways To Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

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Diwali has long been a “festival of light” for Hindus around the world. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. While Diwali used to be celebrated by lighting earthen lamps and reducing darkness, in modern times the ritual of bursting crackers is added somewhere. Gradually the destruction of heavy bombs, smoky Fooljhadis, and anaar became synonymous with the festival.


As we know, Diwali is all about happiness, joy, and being full of Diwali gift items. All the time no one noticed the enormous noise and air pollution. But with years of environmental awareness, there is a huge call for eco-friendly celebrations on Diwali. So how do you ensure there is a safe Diwali.


Diwali brings pollution from crackers, which fill the air with sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. This air also enters our homes and affects our health. A reasonable approach is to avoid crackers. But can Diwali be fun even without crackers? Here are fun ways to celebrate Diwali without polluting the air.


Decorate Your House


Kids love to take responsibility for decorating with paper art, rangoli, colored rangoli, diya, and fairy lights. When they try hard and see the house so beautiful and bright, the experience itself is very complete.


Earthen Diyas, Not LED Light


The muddy smell of Diyas is not only energy-efficient, but it also brings positivity and serenity to the home. You can even refill it with oil and continue to use it whenever you want. And when diyas are broken, you can throw it away as it is biodegradable. On the other hand, LED lamps to consume electricity and are not very durable. In addition, the plastic and glass used to make the lamps do not completely decompose on the floor when thrown away.


Green Crackers


This Diwali, opt for the greener option. Green crackers are available for purchase. They cause far less contamination and are better than contaminating crackers. That way, you can opt for these green crackers for the kids.


Make Some Noise


Use glossy or colored paper and fill the balloons. Have a fun night of spraying it with friends and family! Have the children blow up paper bags and jump on paper bags to make enough noise. This is a great way to step into a safe and joyful Diwali.


Keep Plastic At Bay


Green Diwali would not be possible unless you try to celebrate Diwali purely without plastic. You heard us right – we said NO PLASTIC! Getting rid of the grip on plastic isn’t that hard if you’re determined enough. During this Diwali, make sure to avoid any kind of plastic. From gift wrapping and gift bags to Diwali cake boxes to cheap plastic decorations and everything in between, opt for plastic-free options.


Natural color Rangoli


Apart from the lights, Rangoli is another attraction during the festival. The beautiful combination of colors that have been used to decorate the floor on various occasions is very pleasing to look at and makes the atmosphere of the place even more interesting. The use of natural/organic colors instead of chemical colors is highly recommended. Because the latter can cause skin problems and even infections if in contact with the nose and eyes. The color of the rangoli should be purchased with care so that the happy times do not harm anyone and safety is ensured.

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