Is Pocket Prep App best for preparation?

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Pocket Prep App is a practice test app that simulates your exam preparation and also allows you to create your customized practice tests with detailed answers and explanations for each question. You can give tests and can also view your results with just a few simple steps. The best thing about Pocket Prep is that you can study anytime and anywhere without internet connectivity.


Pocket Prep will make use of the spacing effect to improve your learning capability. It will utilize your space of studying into shorter and more productive study sessions, which allows you to get more information.


How to Download Impressive Pocket Prep App:

You can download your Pocket Prep App from the app store of your mobile phone. There are some simple steps to download and register your Pocket Prep App:


  1. Go to the app store and find the Pocket Prep and download it. 
  2. After downloading it, go to the login option and register your account. 


Now you are active to use this app. 


Unbelievable Features of Pocket Prep App:

To know any app inside and out, you must be familiar with the features of that app. Let’s see the fantastic features of the Pocket Prep App:


  1. You can flag the tricky questions:
  • Pocket Prep provides a remarkably fantastic option for flagging questions. This option can help you move on from the tricky question, and after doing all questions, you can revise or come back to any flagged questions. For flagging, you have to tap the little flag option below the question.


  1. You can cross out answers:
  • Pocket Prep App offers another great feature, which is crossing out answers. We all have done this at our test that if we know that any option is incorrect, we cross it to get the right one. Now you can create this on the app. If there is a wrong answer, you can cross it out by swiping it from left to right.


  1. You can set study reminders:
  • To plan great strategies, we all need something which reminds us of our study. Pocket Prep offers an option in which you can set reminders according to your planned schedules. In this option, you can just select what your reminder has to say.


  1. Build your quiz:
  • Pocket Prep App offers an option to customize your quiz with questions you think are right for you. This option lets you create your own quiz set. First, you have to select the subject and then pick the type of questions you want in the quiz. This feature of the Pocket Prep helps you to work on your weak issues or weak spots. 


  1. Compatibility:
  • If you want to use Pocket Prep App on your mobile, it doesn’t matter, but if you’re going to use it on your computer and laptop, then the Pocket prep web portal will help you. You have to log in to your account, and you are ready to use it. 



Pocket Prep App is the best option for anyone willing to work on their weak spots, and it also offers all the features which require good exam preparation. Pocket Prep is updated with the latest exam patterns and question sets. 


What comes free with the download of the Pocket Prep App?

On the Pocket Prep App's download, you will get 30 free practice questions, 30 free bonus questions through social media, and 14 days free questions of the day.

Is there any premium upgrade for the Pocket Prep App?

Yes, Pocket Prep App does come with a premium upgrade. The premium upgrade of the Pocket prep app comes with a one-time purchase.

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