OOTO: The Psychedelic Hip-Hop Group That’s Bringing Meaning Back to Music


Out of the Ordinary, or OOTO for short, is not your average hip-hop group. Comprised of Dyllan Elijah and Cypher the Avatar, the duo suddenly rises in the hip-hop scene after ten years of hard work. What do you consider about Conscious Hip-Hop Music Group.

But it’s not just their unique blend of boom-bap and new-age hip-hop gaining recognition. OOTO is determined to open people’s minds and bring real meaning back into music. They expose the truth and focus on real-life issues in America, and their music reflects that.

The group’s name itself is telling of their non-conformist attitude. “OOTO” stands for “out of the ordinary.” Dyllan Elijah and Cypher the Avatar grew up as the black sheep of their families, misunderstood and different. They came together through the tragic loss of their friend Sleeper Krow, who introduced them to each other’s music.

OOTO is a one-of-a-kind psychedelic hip-hop group that will feed your head. Cypher the Avatar is a man of many talents who writes his lyrics, records, mixes, masters his music, and even produces beats and films and edits video footage. Dyllan Elijah is a master of lyricism and the poster child for revolutionary hip-hop; together, they create a yin and yang that balances each other music perfectly.

But OOTO’s journey hasn’t been without its hardships. Both members have suffered the loss of siblings involved in the rap scene. Cypher the Avatar lost his older brother D-E-Z, a Houston legend, in a car wreck. Dyllan Elijah lost his younger brother CurrensIllumManson to suicide. Despite these tragedies, the group continues to create music that honors their memories.

OOTO’s message is to be yourself, be weird, and be whoever you want to be without fear of judgment. They’re determined to help the youth wake up from the nightmare of lies society has brainwashed us. With features from big names like Chuck Strangers from Beastcoast and Cambatta, OOTO is gaining traction and the respect they deserves.

OOTO is a breath of fresh air in a world where conformity is often the norm. Their music is entertaining and thought-provoking, a reflection of the world we live in today. As their popularity continues to rise, it’s clear that OOTO is a group to watch out for in the hip-hop scene.

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