Office Lens is the brand new digicam built into OneNote that lets you take snapshots of whiteboards or printed files, then complements your photo with the aid of cropping, sprucing, and straightening it, so it appears almost like a scanned photo. Your photograph is delivered for your observation so that you can retrieve it later.

Office Lens is a splendid way to seize facts from documents, whiteboards, business cards, receipts, menus, signs, handwritten memos, or something else containing text that you want to import; however, not manually kind out yourself. With Lens, you don’t need to jot down any notes by hand, depend on blurry cellular cellphone pictures, or fear approximately misplacing whatever.

Office Lens is top-notch for taking pictures, sketches, drawings, and equations too — even pics without textual content. When capturing photographs, Office gets rid of shadows and atypical angles, so your very last captures are more comfortable to look at. You can upload files and whiteboard photographs to Microsoft OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, or OneDrive, and you could also store them as PDF files or send them an email. The office doesn’t simply import a picture into a Word or PowerPoint report.

The final Word and PowerPoint documents are real Microsoft Office files. Office Lens is a free app that serves as a perfect pocket device that may be used across all of your Android or iOS cell devices. From scanning receipts, handouts, and revealed files to taking snapshots of whiteboards or e-book pages, Office Lens permits you to convert any content into your favourite digital formats, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, or OneDrive.



Office Lens doesn’t just import a photo right into a Word or PowerPoint document. The very last Word and PowerPoint documents are actual Microsoft Office files. Microsoft Word can understand handwritten or typed and published text, in addition to the general format of what you capture. As a result, the reader, formatting, and design inside the Word report that Office Lens creates are fully editable — simply as if you authored the record yourself.


Photo –   This is a great mode to apply in case you’re taking pictures of surroundings or people.

Document  –  This mode will help you get the most out of small words and details on a web page. It’s fantastic for things like posters, fliers, or restaurant menus.

Whiteboard  – Use this mode to seize notes. Lens will modify pics, so the history isn’t too vibrant, and the words are less complicated to examine. It’s a perfect setting for blackboards and sketches again.


Business Card –   This mode will help you extract contact statistics and keep it in your smartphone’s contacts and OneNote. This feature currently works satisfactorily with business playing cards in English, German, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.



Office lens is one of the essential apps used by zillions. Whether you are a student suffering from recognition on a lecture while taking notes from a whiteboard, or in an enterprise meeting seeking to preserve song of all the salient factors of the dialogue even as reading a turn chart, the use of Office Lens can be a perfect answer. By using Office Lens, you may shop the content material from the board and shift the records for your private notes.

Are you carrying too many papers or handouts? you can scan these papers and keep away from dropping them by saving them in a virtual layout. The equal applies for business playing cards or maybe antique revealed photos. Getting started with Lens is straightforward. The point on the report, board, or records you need to seize. An orange body confirms the place you’re specializing in, figuring out the concern’s shape to make sure a higher-satisfactory experiment. If the frame no longer shapes the favoured ratio, don’t worry — you could adjust it manually after taking the image.

After you have got captured the picture, you may use annotation, filters, or ink features to enhance the captured image or make it clean to study.


For what purpose Office lens is used for?

Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. You can use Office Lens to convert photographs to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files and save to OneNote, OneDrive, or your neighborhood device. You may even import photos that are already for your device using Gallery.

Can I use the Microsoft Office lens for free?

Microsoft Office Lens is an unfastened app on Android and iOS that permits customers to experiment in copies of documents and whiteboards and enter them into different packages.

Office lens or Adobe Scan, which has the upper hand?

When it comes to Storage, Office Lens wins the sport palms-down. This little scanner gives you masses of alternatives to save your scans. ... On the alternative hand, Adobe Scan has restricted options. This Adobe app stores the whole thing in the cloud, giving you less manipulation over how you control your documents.