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About the application

Microsoft Office Lens is a portable PDF Scanner with integrated OCR technology. It is suitable for iOS, Android, and Windows. As per Office Lens App Review, it is one of the best apps in the past years, especially in the states, like the U.S. and Puerto Rico by Google Play.

What does it do?

When your teacher explains a necessary topic on the board, and you could not note it down on time. The teacher erases it and moves on to the next. Or your boss explains a necessary idea in a meeting and gives you the responsibility to brief it down but erases the board to move ahead. What would you do? Well, this is where the work of Microsoft Office Lens starts.


  • Microsoft Office Lens scans and converts pictures of hard copy documents or images of whiteboards into digital files.
  • Office lens app review says that you can edit, trim and enhance such photos, making them readable. Office Lens can also convert the images into other files, such as PowerPoint, PDF, and Word.
  • Not only the hard copies, but it can also import digital photos using your gallery already present on your device.

How can you install Microsoft Office Lens?

  1. Install the Office Lens Application compatible with our device. Make sure to allow your phone to access the camera.
  2. As soon as you open the app, the camera will open up. There will be a view option that will allow you to choose options such as documents or whiteboard or “images from your gallery.
  3. You can set your required documents within the camera frame and capture the image.
  4. Office Lens will then process it and show you a preview of your image. You can trim, enhance the image with the edit option.
  5. Save the image.

Also, you can check out more office lens app reviews on the play store or app store.

Why Microsoft Office Lens?

Let us learn, as per office lens app reviews, which makes it so useful. These are as follows:




  • Scans and uploads your needed documents.
  • Decreases the paper-work
  • Keeps you systematized
  • Save your time spent looking for receipts, bills, business cards, etc.
  • Work on your style- notes, flowcharts, sketch, etc. Office Lens captures it all.
  • Save your similar notes, documents in groups, making it easier to find out.
  • Share your documents in One Drive or One Note for future use.






  • Office Lens is a scanner that fits in your pocket.
  • Students have their style of studying and keeping it organized. Office lens reduces the book-size documents into small files in your phone.
  • You can also access the documents saved on your phone when offline.




  • Ideas come at an instant. Use an office lens to save your ideas and share them.
  • Share the ideas explained by your boss with your co-workers as it is. Capture the documents and share them. You can email it as well.
  • Scan business cards; manage important contact and action plans with Office Lens.


The Final Office lens app review

With around 1,00,00,000 plus downloads since 2015, Microsoft Office lens app review works best with English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese languages. Soon they will add more languages to it. According to office lens app review, this pocket-sized scanner eases the task reducing the time-taken, complexity, and chances of errors. It not only scans images but also make an image with poor handwriting or quality easily readable.


What is the use of a scanner in the Office Lens app?

It helps you take the notes of your class or meeting that directly gets saved on your device.

Is it free to use?


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