New Duck Call from J.J. Lares

For years, the jj lares duck calls brand has been a staple in duck hunting communities. The Magnum Hen is one of their newest additions and it’s quickly becoming an avid favorite among hunters because this call gives you that commanding hen mallard demanding presence which can really open up tuleys when used correctly! This sound reinforces CITI calls’ hybrid feature for added effectiveness; as well makes ducks appear more easily from long distances thanks to its booming nature–perfect if your looking go wide range with no lossy quality whatsoever

About Kittles Outdoors

It’s no surprise that Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been considered one of the best bass fishing departments in California. With an extensive inventory and a wide variety to choose from, this family-owned company will have you covered! The store is close by Sutter County refuge where there are deer populations as well as many types birds found only around these parts like sandpipers or even roseate spoonbill ducks on occasion during your visit here at their Colusa location near Sacramento River State Park. Plus they carry live bait which can be used for all sorts of different types fish including trout when it comes time go catch them yourself without paying someone else 10 bucks every hour just so he’ll teach ya how

Kittle’s is a hunting and fishing store with extensive experience in all aspects of outdoor adventures. We provide customers not only the equipment they need for their next excursion, but also information on where to go as well as how long it should take you – whether this means Canada geese or trout!

About J.J. Lares

Chico is a hotbed for outdoor enthusiasts. Home to one of the most sought-after waterfowl calls in North America, and founded by JJ Lares – it should come as no surprise that this California town has been named an Outdoor Capital City! Chico’s numerous parks offer abundant opportunities to practice your skills with hunting rifles or bows while enjoying views like these from our beautiful San Joaquin River Valley below…

The JJ Lares instruments are cast acrylic which comes in many colors but black remains popular because it just looks good on any gun or vest while still giving off its signature tone when needed most. I mean, how could you go wrong with something that’s tough enough to handle rough conditions like rain and snow without getting crunched up by pressure? Plus we all know how salty those birds get sometimes after playing around outside as much these past few weeks during wintertime!

About the Magnum

The Magnum J.J Lares call is a favorite of Kittle’s customers and hunters throughout the country for its ability to produce quality sounds with ease, especially in regions where hunting regulations require mallards or other species that have similar high pitched mating calls during breeding season when using hybrid Mallard/Wood Duck Wingsetter whistle technology

The Magnum Hen developed by jj lares calls has been an instant success among our regular clients as well as new ones who come into the store looking for something different to try out on those “big girls”. We know one thing after over 20 years of selling this product; it works! People are always blown away by how easy and effective these calls sound when they call in during hunts.


Are you a fan of the outdoors? Do ducks make their home in lush wetland habitats like we do here at Kittles Outdoor. We carry top-quality brands such as jj lares call and our staff is always ready to help find what’s right for your needs! The new addition from this year, The Magnum Hen hybrid AI calls emulate two animals that call out together: male mallards creating booming noises overhead while female hens rest below them; or else both can be heard on an open field if hunting territory has been crossed over by another bird – intimidating those around them with power unmatched anywhere else except maybe during mating flights when it may sound more aggressive than intended…but not so much

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