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My Shopify is Shopify’s extension whenever a merchant opens a webshop on Shopify; thus, it is legit. Most Shopify merchants tend to purchase their domains and direct the URLs to their domains instead of using My Shopify. It is a big platform with lots of little ( and not so little) web-shops set up by people who don’t have their domain yet, or like the templates, for ease of setting up a webshop, etc. That platform is pretty simple to use ( as a seller) legit, honest, and low cost.

Shopify is a popular online-based software program that permits each person to without problems and quickly creates an e-commerce keep. When one opens a shop with Shopify, they are assigned a store URL that follows the sample of anything.Myshopify.Com. In different words, if you open a shop with Shopify, your shop will, at the start, have the element “MyShopify.Com” in it. And as there have been over 1 million shops created with Shopify, there have also been many stores with “MyShopify” in their domain.



While you’re to begin with assigned the myshopify.Com area, the majority pick to fast change their save’s domain to something proper, e.g., Awesomestore.Com, as that can be better for attracting customers and constructing trust with the customers. So why do some store proprietors stick with the My Shopify-domain? That is in all likelihood because converting your Shopify-store’s URL to a custom URL calls for one to buy a custom area call and connect it to their Shopify account. In other words, it calls for a little bit of cash (usually about $10–$15/yr) & attempt, and some might not be willing to make investments.



There is nothing that automatically makes a shop the usage of the MyShopify-URL untrustworthy. However, until the store may be very new, the store’s persevering with to apply that area instead of a custom domain call might suggest that the store owner isn’t willing to invest in their online keep, and that ought to enhance some questions. So in case you are thinking about shopping from a My Shopify store, it is probably awesome to ship an e-mail to the shop and attempt to affirm that it’s far certainly a sincere region to shop for from.


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My Shopify-shops and long transport instances

There seem to be a few court cases about lengthy transport instances from human beings who have sold from a shop that uses a My Shopify domain call. My wager is that during maximum points, the long delivery times result from the truth that My Shopify-shops regularly use a so-called dropshipping-model for his or her shop.

The basic concept of dropshipping is that instead of the store first ordering the product(s) after which ship them to you, they surely forward the order you positioned on the store to a manufacturer. That product is then supposed to send the product(s) to you. As many producers are in places consisting of China, the shipping times can be weeks while ordering to locations inclusive of the United States or Europe from a shop that uses dropshipping.

As there are many My Shopify-stores, it’d be a mistake to count that the evaluations you may locate from online might be approximately identical to my Shopify-store. That is glaringly unlucky for the sincere store proprietors who’re in reality, for some reason using a My Shopify-area in place of a proper one and now have to be afflicted by the fact that there are less trustworthy folks that through their actions are harming the reputation of different My Shopify-shops. And as there indeed is a lot of different My Shopify-shops, there’s also no cut-price code that could work for all of them.



It's tough to answer this as several people have a great experience on My Shopify, while several hate it as it never fulfilled its duty.

Should I use My Shopify?

It's risky to use it as it hasn't been generous with people. The word of mouth of my Shopify is low. So, try some other place.

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