Mtailor Jeans Review – Best Jeans for Men

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Mtailor Jeans Review: If we talk about clothing, the first thing that pops up our mind is jeans. Jeans are crucial, especially for men. We have to wear them for almost seven out of five or six days. So, the jeans we select for ourselves must be comfortable and smooth fabric.

To help you, we are here to give you the best online store.

You can select the size. And see just by standing in front of the camera how you will look in the jean. The perfect jeans are of Mtailor.

Mtailor is all one solution for men’s jeans. Therefore we are here to write about Mtailor Jeans Review. So, before moving to the next step, we will tell from the start in our Mtailor Jeans Review.

Mtailor Jeans Review

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Mtailor Jeans Review: What is Mtailor?

Miles Penn, the founder of MTailor, pitched the company on ABC’s Shark Tank. This innovator developed an algorithm at Stanford that allows any person to be measured for apparel more accurately than even the most skilled tailor.

These personalized jeans are constructed of 98 percent cotton and 2% elastane and are quite light. They aren’t particularly thick; they are on the thin side, providing enough stretch and comfort as you wear them.

Mtailor Jeans Review: What makes mtailor unique?

When it comes to clothes fitting, this organization understands the need for precision. Download the MTailor app (available on the Apple and Google Play stores), place your phone down, and the algorithm will measure 17 distinct locations on your body in 30 seconds. According to the company’s website, the ad is 20% more accurate than a professional tailor.

Their cutting-edge technology will take your measurements immediately from the app, ensuring that your clothing is tailored to your exact specifications. There’s no need for a measuring tape.

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Mtailor Jeans Review: How can you capture your measurements?

  • Make a video of yourself.
  • Place your phone on the table, take a 6-foot step back, and turn around once. It just takes about 15 seconds!
  • Take a picture of your 3D point cloud.
  • To precisely fit your garments, our technology captures your 3D Point Cloud.
  • 3D Scan Completed & Measurements Created for point clod video

Our system can then calculate more than 16 measures to ensure that your clothing is tailored to your exact specifications.

What are their price range and their guarantee period?

The price of a pair of MTailor jeans varies from $79 and $119 that depend on the style. Furthermore, the jeans are delivered in just two weeks to any address in the United States, with free shipping included.

A 90-day Perfect Fit Guarantee is also available from the brand. If you don’t like your garments for whatever reason, you can return them and receive a variety of refund alternatives. Your items will mend for free, or you can get a full refund.

To conclude Mtailor Jeans Review, if you’re looking for jeans that will fit your exact body dimensions, the high-quality final product that fits perfectly. With so many color possibilities to pick from and free shipping, you should give MTailor a shot.


What types of apparel do you create?

Mtailor provides suits and blazers for men. And a wide range of pants, including jeans, button-down shirts, polos, and tees.Mtailor presently produces jeans for women.

Are there any settings that aren't currently available on the app?

TheiOS and Android apps have all of our accessible options.

How did you conclude that your technology was 20% more accurate than a tailor?

We conducted a test with multiple tailors who measured the same subjects as our app. We discovered that we were 20% closer to the average measurement of all tailors.

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