Moonstone Jewelry to Bring Love to Your Life

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Jewelry enthusiasts admire the gemstones, but some crystals have a special fascination. Moonstone is one such gem. The ethereal charm of this gemstone attracts the onlooker. The gemstone is valued for its allure and symbolism. Moonstone jewelry is timeless, and people across the globe adore it for its soft glow. There are many reasons to incorporate this wonderful gemstone into your collection. Check out the exclusive collection of Moonstone accessories at Rananjay Exports. 

  • What Does The Gem Look Like?

It can be colorless white or occur in hues like gray, peach, pink, brown, yellow, green. The gem has a special property where it scatters the light that enters its structure of feldspar minerals. When it diffuses the light, a dim glow is created. This phenomenon is called adularescence. The gemstone looks like the moonlight gleaming on the surface of the water. It is most of the time compared to the moon itself. The calming look of the gemstone is so appealing, just like the moon.

  • What Do Different Cultures Believe About This Stone?

Moonstone has been valued in different cultures around the world. Monks and spiritualists in Middle Age Europe, Ancient Rome, China, India held the gem valuable for their spiritual journey. 

The Romans believed that they could see the goddess of Love, wealth, and wisdom, Goddess Diana, in it. They thought the gem brought victory into the life of the wearer. According to an Asian legend, the gemstone could help one see the future. 

  • What Can The Gem Do For You?

The moon magic of the gemstone can enhance one’s psychic abilities. It can help develop intuition and vision. The gem is given on the completion of thirteen years of marriage as it is believed to eliminate the negative connotation related to the number. So if you are thinking about gifting this gemstone jewelry, you can go for the alluring Moonstone pendant

The gemstone will give you protection if you are traveling at night. Because of this reason, the gem is also called the Traveler’s Stone. It also helps one to develop confidence. It gives you new hope for life. It can also protect one from road accidents.

The gem is famous as a symbol of Love. It will help you experience unconditional Love. It is also a symbol of new Love and is said to reconcile the lovers. It will help you meet the love of your life. This is the reason why Moonstone rings are getting so much popularity as wedding bands.

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  • Healing Properties

The gemstone will wash away the toxins from the body. It will also help in the better absorption of nutrients in the body and so healing the problems related to digestion. It is also used as an anti-aging stone that takes care of the health of nails, skin, and hair. 

The gem will also bless you with tranquility. It helps the wearer trust the Higher Will. It will calm your thoughts and help you find a balanced approach. The crystal will bring you inner happiness. It is linked to the feminine energies and allows them to be in sync with their feminine nature. This brings a balance to their emotional and intellectual side. 

  • The Delicate Appeal of The Gem

The gem has a delicate appeal to it, suitable for fine jewelry. It looks chic and is desirable in all kinds of jewelry. I personally love the classy look of Moonstone bracelets. The gem has a royal aura that brings a regal look to the piece of jewel. 

Moonstone necklace has the perfect statement appeal needed to add glam to your look. If you are going for any formal or informal event, Moonstone earrings will definitely add the perfect elegance to your overall look. They can instantly bring the charm to a regular outfit. The soft sheen of the gem is what sets the glamorous tone on the accessories.

  • Gemstone Care

When you wear gemstone jewelry, you have to protect the gemstone from possible scratches. Make sure you take your jewelry off while going for a workout. Placing the jewelry here and thereafter you take it off also increases the possibility of it falling on a hard surface and eventually scratching, or you might also lose the delicate jewelry pieces. You should always keep your gem jewels in an accessories box lined with fabric to resolve this. Also, keep the jewelry separately from each other. You also have to take care that harsh chemicals don’t come in contact with the jewelry. So it’s better that you remove it while doing dishes or house cleaning. 

  • The Best Place For Buying Gemstone Jewelry Online

Rananjay Exports has the best quality wholesale gemstone jewelry collection. Their accessories are designed in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. The skilled artisans provide exclusive craftsmanship to the jewelry pieces. You will find a wide variety of Moonstone jewelry here.

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