Misconceptions About Web Design


Many people have misconceptions about how websites are built and the web design process in general: how difficult it is, how much it costs, and what goes into it.

There are other aspects involved in this, including our perceptions of the internet as being free, DIY online resources targeted at enticing users, and media exposure of those who create websites in seconds. Designing a website is far more difficult than that.

So, in order to set the record straight, here are the most common website design misconceptions, as well as the reality behind them. Before you hire a responsive web design company New York for your website project, make sure to know the reality behind these baseless myths and misconceptions.

  1.       Web design is quite easy:

This is one of the most prevalent and fatal misconceptions. It’s undeniable that it’s not easy. Indeed, anyone can create a simple website, but not everyone can do it successfully. A wonderful website that appears to be smooth and simple to use was not created without a great deal of effort. Because flexible design has become the norm, creating a website now requires at least twice as long as it did when the site was constant in width.

Web design is a complicated process that takes a great deal of skill and expertise. Web designers should be familiar with a variety of programming languages, marketing best business practices, and web user behaviour, as well as having a strong grasp of visual design.

  1.       Web design services shouldn’t cost so much:

One of the most perplexing misconceptions about website design is that it should be inexpensive. You may certainly find somebody to build a website for you at a reduced price. However, you receive what you pay for, as the quote goes.

A professional designer creates a site with flawless functioning and appearance. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that the ability required to create an outstanding website requires time & expense. Developers and designers are responsible for much more than just the aesthetics of the pages. You must be willing to pay the prevailing fee if you want a stylish and unique design.

If you cut costs on design, you’ll probably end up with a website that isn’t user-friendly, mobile-responsive, or appealing, and it won’t help you much.

  1.       Designing a website shouldn’t take this long:

This myth also comes hand-in-hand with the belief that web design is simple and shouldn’t be so expensive. Web design isn’t easy, and creating a great one takes time, especially considering everything that comes into it: page layout, graphics, and design components, color scheme, written material, and performance.

If a website was merely a digital form of a banner, it would be reasonable to expect it to be built in a single day. A website, on the other hand, is much more complicated, which is, of obviously, a bonus. A website can accomplish more, and it is more valuable as an asset. To get the finest outcome, you must be able to devote the required time to the process.

  1.       Every single request should be responded to immediately by web designers:

One prevalent misunderstanding about website design is that web designers work on only one task at a time and are dedicated to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A client’s request or query is never ignored by the designers. Instead, they could be engaged in a variety of projects at any given time. This isn’t to imply they don’t appreciate their clients.

The developers and designers constantly do their best to offer excellent work, but it is never their intention to make the clients feel ignored at any time.

  1.       Web design should be done in-house:

IT and web design are appreciably different fields with far less commonality than non-technical people believe. Your IT team may have no prior experience in creating websites, particularly professional ones for businesses with a wide range of requirements. Furthermore, putting a website design project on your IT team will prevent them from doing their main and most crucial job of managing your business.

It simply does not make sense to engage a website designer or web design team for the one or two web pages you require unless you work for a very large, multinational corporation. The budget and requirement of engaging a web design team aren’t applicable to medium to large businesses. But if you are a large corporation, then you will surely need a proper web design team in order to manage the process of designing a website.

Having said that, if you are outsourcing your projects, you should do complete research before handing it over. One name you can rely on in this regard is Map-it Inc

These misunderstandings may not appear to be a huge concern at first, and they aren’t until they harm your brand or stifle your company’s growth. So, let’s lay these myths to rest and get it over with, and have a stronger bond with our websites.