Microsoft Photos- Is It Better Now?

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If you have been using Windows, you have probably used Microsoft Photos. Photos is the system photo viewer in Windows. When it was introduced to Windows, There were some complaints that the software was somewhat clunky. This led to an exodus, and people ended up using third-party apps to view and edit photos. Well, things seem to have taken a turn after a series of updates. Microsoft Photos has improved a lot, and there are now several reasons to switch back to the app if you had switched.

Microsoft Photos

A software that is solely dedicated to photos is a must-have regardless of what you use your laptop for. There are a few good options on the market, but well we believe that after the updates, no software comes close to the Microsoft Photos app, and here is why

Microsoft Photos Superfast

This is one thing that all apps tell their customers, but for the Microsoft Photos app, nothing can be closer to the truth than this. The main reason for this is that the Microsoft Photos App is tailored for the Windows software. This means that it will easily integrate with the system software to ensure that it smoothly. Whether you are browsing through photos, editing photos, or viewing videos, you are guaranteed incredible speeds. Nothing is as irritating as lagging slideshows or videos and if you want to avoid that experience, using Microsoft Photos is a perfect idea. 

Microsoft Photos Integrated Video Player

This has become Microsoft Photo most vital point. The software allows you to play videos without switching apps quickly. You probably know how annoying it is when you are going through your media files, and you come across a video, then the app says it can’t display the video. This is one scenario that you do not worry about when you are using Microsoft Photo. The playback on the software is standard, and you do not have to worry about lagging or blurred display. The integrated video player can also play over a dozen formats; this means you do not have to worry about switching between apps. Advanced Editing Tools

This was probably one of the software weakens when it first came out, but Microsoft has managed to turn the ball around. The latest Microsoft Photo edition has a bunch of essential editing tools. The crop tool is better than ever, and you can freely cut your pictures to any size you wish. If you fancy using some filters, Microsoft Photos has quite a collection of filters.

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Perform all the enhancements you need to make your photos stunning. The best part about the editing tools is that you can easily save your edited images in any format you would want. Both JPG and PNG formats are available in Microsoft Photo. You can also keep the original photo after you are done editing. 

Microsoft Photos Albums and Slideshows

Microsoft Photos is one of the software that automatically creates albums for you. Using dates just like the Memories feature in Apple, you can create comprehensive and well-crafted albums. The only difference is that with Microsoft Photo, you can edit the albums and tailor them to your preferences. The albums can be shared if you decide to upload them online. 

Another cool feature that comes with Microsoft Photo is the side feature show. You can easily create marvelous slideshows with some mouth-watering transitions. The picture quality is not affected in any; this means that you get all your full quality pictures in the slide show. Like the albums, you can also share the slide shows via links online.

Finding the perfect software for your photos might be a struggle, but you do not need to struggle with the updated Microsoft Photo. Go ahead and give it a try. 


Is Microsoft Photos free?

Yes, Microsoft Photo is free

Is Microsoft Photos available in Windows 10?

Microsoft Photos is available in Windows 10

Can you uninstall Microsoft Photos in Windows 10?

You cannot uninstall Microsoft Photos because it is a system app in Windows

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