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Microsoft OneNote, a part of the Office 365 suite of programs, has become an essential productiveness tool for companies. But many don’t fully appreciate the treasured contribution that the gadget can make at work. OneNote ultimately leverages the cloud and Microsoft technologies to capture, store, and share any facts smoothly.

Microsoft Onenote is a note-taking application. It gives a hub for all your notes, organized into separate notebooks and person sections inside laptops. It is like-minded with more than a few digital codecs, meaning it’s feasible to pin multimedia files as well as straightforward textual content. Notes may be shared with different OneNote customers over the Internet or a network. OneNote is to be had as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, it’s also available as an unfastened, standalone app thru the app shops of Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android.

Microsoft also offers an internet-primarily based version of OneNote as a part of OneDrive and Office for the Internet; this model enables customers to edit notes in a web browser.


In 2010 OneNote praised for being “one killer app for education.” Its many functionalities and consumer-friendliness have caused it’s becoming trendy in this subject and any other surroundings that demand word-taking and the sharing of ideas. As a part of the Office 365 suite, it has a familiar interface and has now been included in many workplaces. Anything stored in OneNote is instantly shareable with other customers.

Some of the main benefits of OneNote include:

✓ Real-time collaboration

✓ Access revisions & track adjustments

✓ Securely shop information

✓ Use on any tool & primary working system.

✓ Access on the cross

✓ Scan handwritten notes & convert to textual content

✓ Touch functionality to draw into the system

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✓ Supports multimedia

✓ Record audio & video into your notebook

✓ Integrate with Microsoft apps & plugins


  1. Microsoft Onenote enables collaboration in real-time

As Office 365 is cloud-primarily based, you can proportion a OneNote file with different human beings to permit a real-time, collaborative workbook. Notebooks may be shared for viewing or modifying, and as OneNote automatically saves as you work, more than one customer can collaborate at an equal time.

  1. Microsoft Onenote secures sensitive data

Like any software that stores information, notebook software needs to have safety features to ensure that the most superficial individuals must have to get entry. OneNote can password-guard person sections, securing statistics thru the 3DES encryption trendy.

  1. Microsoft Onenote may be incorporated with another software program

The significant factor about Office 365 is that its programs combine honestly and flawlessly. For example, OneNote may be synced with Outlook, allowing you to send data from emails instantly to OneNote, and also, notes can be without delay emailed from OneNote.

  1. You can help your notes with multimedia

As correctly the capacity to enter text (processed or handwritten), images and other media types that might be viable through Microsoft Word, OneNote helps you file audio and video straight into your notebook. This is perfect for documenting conferences and sharing them with co-employees.


Is there any disadvantage of Microsoft Onenote?

In widespread, complaints have been issued against OneNote. The two predominant lawsuits with the software program are; • The capacity to look thru notes is constrained. While it's miles feasible to search for your free record keywords, there may be minimum 'tagging' capability. • Difficulties in adding documents created in different packages. Some MAC customers had mentioned issues with attaching/saving into OneNote, even when files had been made using other Microsoft products.

Is OneNote for Windows 10 available?

Yes, OneNote for Windows 10 available for you.OneNote for Windows 10 is pre-mounted on Windows 10 and can also be had as a free download from the Microsoft Store.

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