Microsoft Launcher- The Best Android Launcher?

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Microsoft Launcher is one of the most innovative launchers that are available on the market right now. Microsoft has always represented innovativeness and a bit of class. They made sure that that is very visible in their android launcher, the Launcher. We are going to be looking at the key features. Keep reading.

Microsoft Launcher Key Features

This is not the first time that Microsoft has ventured onto the launcher game. They once launched a launcher in 2015 the company launched the Arrow Launcher. The Arrow launcher was great but had some misgivings. The relaunch as the Microsoft has breathed a new wave of life into the launcher. Launcher is game-changing. It comes with some features that Android users have been thirsting for, for a very long time. Some of the key features include

The Microsoft Launcher Dark Mode 

Our first pick has to be dark mode. There are a few launchers that support dark mode on all devices, as the Microsoft Launcher does. The dark mode feature has been a hit in tech circles, and Microsoft has even integrated it into their flagship Windows software. The dark mode is fundamental as it helps you save power. Statistics show that at 100 percent brightness, Dark Mode can save you up to 60% in screen energy. That is amazing, especially for intense users. 

Another thing about the dark mode is that it makes the interface look a lot cooler. Having dark mode in your launcher is even cooler because now nearly all apps can integrate into dark mode. This means that you can have a 100% dark mode experience. Scientists have also proven that the dark way is relatively healthy. The dark mode is a masterstroke for the Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher Uses Less Memory

Our devices now can easily be strained, especially when it comes to memory. With most Android devices now coming out with storage that is not expandable, the last thing you would want to eat up a chunk of your space is your launcher. The Microsoft is quite the perfect app. It does not use a lot of space on your device. The architecture used for the Microsoft also ensures that it does not consume a lot of your Ram when it’s running. This means you can use the Microsoft and still enjoy your other apps without glitches. 

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Microsoft Launcher Customizable Icons and Wallpapers

If you have ever used the Bing Wallpaper App on Windows 10, you can testify that the wallpapers’ quality has always been excellent. Microsoft has brought that same feature to Android through its Launcher App. The whole wallpaper catalog is exceptional; you are bound to find the perfect wallpaper for any personality. The fact that the wallpapers are regularly being updated means that you are never going to get bored. 

The new icons courtesy of Microsoft Launcher is smooth. There are dozens of new app icons; even the Microsoft office icon has been updated. The new icons are sleek and will give that clean look that we are accustomed to in Windows. The icons are also quite adaptable; even if you switch dark mode to light mode, they will still look pretty good. The widgets are also commendable; they also come with that aesthetic design.

Note: Microsoft Launcher only works on Android 7.0 and later versions

The Microsoft Launcher is not free, but it is worth every penny you will spend on it. If you are looking for a great launcher, this is a must-try.


Is Microsoft Launcher free?

Yes, Microsoft launcher is entirely free to download and use

Is Microsoft Launcher available on IOS?

No there is no IOS version for the Microsoft Launcher

Does Microsoft Launcher work on Android 6.0?

Microsoft Launcher only works on Android 7.0 and later versions.

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