Methods for Advertising on ATM Statements


Ask any marketing or advertising manager, and they’ll inform you: advertising isn’t easy. Customers can be fickle; their press habits are unpredictable. Our community has become so inundated with irrelevant ads that we have learned to tune all of them out. And while customer attention wanes, media expenses escalate, making advertising on a large scale unaffordable for most internet marketers. How to find the ATMs Near Me?

The Advantages of ATM Advertising

Nicely, advertising doesn’t have to be therefore challenging. Not for self-employed ATM deployers (IADs) and financial institutions (FIs). The actual ATM provides internet marketers with one of the most attractive marketing vehicles available. It’s like an outdoor billboard, a TELEVISION SET, a computer, and a direct mail distribution device all wrapped up in a single.

In addition, ATMs offer:

  • usage of often difficult-to-reach targeted demographics,
  • the customers’ undivided attention when their head is on money, along with
  • advertising costs that are some fraction of traditional growing media.

Who Uses ATM Promotion

The synergy between ATMs and FIs is too clear to overlook. It’s the best outlet for banks and credit unions to drive manufacturer awareness or cross-promote essential products to a captive market when banking is top-of-mind.

But, by no means are the opportunities for advertising exclusively to financial institutions. Granted the large and growing networking of IADs, ATMs are becoming a far more common way to reduce weight and obtain money. And their location within high-traffic regions and proximity to excessive interest retail stores broaden the scope of potential companies to include almost anybody.

The key for IADs is identifying how to package, price, and promote their media space for you to potential advertising clients and agencies. Media efficiency is a solid selling point as CREDIT offers one of the most cost-effective soluadvertising solutions for highly qualified audiences.

Types of ATM Promotion

There are many ways to advertise by using an ATM. At its most basic levels, the device itself can resemble a billboard, delivering some text to everyone who goes by.

Another option is typically to use the monitor screen to deliver an ad message at a time for those who have a customer’s complete and undivided attention. For instance, some FI may wish to deliver MasterCard offers to people with selected financial qualifications.

A third solution is advertising on the CREDIT receipt. Most customers request some receipts and carry them using them in their wallet or wallet for future reference, supplying the ad message extended life. Receipt ads also offer a chance to distribute a coupon or maybe a promotional offer, which can after be redeemed. This element provides advertisers with a system to measure their return on investment, which is far more to do with other press forms.

The Efficiencies of TELLER MACHINES Advertising

The cost to advertise with an ATM will depend on the type of advertisement you want to run and the precise location of the machine. High-traffic websites will draw a higher because locationsicateringterg to specific demographics.

The most effective and arguably most influential type of ATM advertising is shipped on the receipt. This is because TELLER MACHINES paper is essentially a sunk cost for the operator, and the cost of custom printing is nominal. So, the progressive expense to custom print out an ad on the back side of a receipt is minor compared to what the operator might already have to pay for stock papers.

On average, the incremental price to custom print a good ad on the back of share paper can run as little as $6. 25 per move. And each roll can provide approximately 6 250 marketing impressions. That’s a $1 CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions, the standard model for measuring media). Below, a $1 CPM is much lower than you’ll find amid any of the more traditional media programs.

Advertising CPM* Comparison

Networking TV: $28

Print: $17

Cable: $12

Radio: $10,50

Out-Of-Home: $5

Online: $2

Custom ATM Receipts: $1

*A CPM is the approx. Cost to deliver 1 000 advertising impressions to a chosen audience.

In addition to media production, advertisers will also want to know precisely how effective ATM advertising might be. Custom printed receipt advertising is the easiest to gauge a response against as the marketer can supply something touchable for the customer to receive. According to leading manufacturers, CREDIT advertisers have achieved answer rates of 10 percent along with higher for their campaigns, considerably exceeding the 1-2 pct success rates of most regular mail campaigns and at little-to-no phased cost.


ATM promotion is one of the most influential and cheap ways for FIs to offer a custom ad to a highly specified market. It is also an excellent way for IADs to bring in additional revenue because of their network of machines.

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