Mental Health – A Growing Problem for Millenials

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Mental Health Introduction

Growing Up In Today’s World And Learning To Take Better Care Of Your Happiness Guide on mental health.

Mental health is a growing concern for most people today.

Almost 1 billion people have some mental disorder, and this number only grew after the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is also known that roughly 50% of mental health illnesses start by 14.

However, people are getting more and more help, which is fantastic – the number of people receiving treatment was almost double in 2007.

Mental disorders in millennials and gen Z are a huge part of their lives, with roughly half of them saying they’re experiencing some sort of trouble in this area.

However, they’re most likely to seek help from previous generations, thus breaking the stigma around mental health care.

Common Problems re Mental Health In Millennials

● Fear For The Future

One of the most common worries for millennials is their future. Regardless of whether they’re thinking about a specific aspect of an overall feeling, it would seem that when asked about their future, the answers aren’t positive. This is mainly connected to the fact that since 2013 major depression diagnoses have jumped 47%. Having a mental illness of any sort dramatically hinders one’s ability to be hopeful about the future, making something like a vicious circle in one’s mind.

● Money

It’s no secret that money is often a significant stress factor. Millennials are massively underemployed or unemployed because we have many more people with university degrees than in previous years, and therefore job opportunities are scarce. Moreover, those who do have a job are being underpaid, and most of them have to pay off student loans. With these and more factors, it is understandable why money-talk is often a source of stress rather than relief.

● Environment

When things on the inside seem harsh, it makes sense to look outside for inspiration on why life is great – the world outside has its troubles. Climate change, famine, riots, economy, etc., may seem like distant problems, but when that’s all you hear regarding the world in general, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Although many millennials have more personal and pressing issues, the fact that the world is in such a dire state and that they’re the ones responsible for making it better is still pretty scary.

● Social Media

This is a problem that is very new and hard to decipher. It’s pretty much-uncharted waters for millennials because they’re the first to battle technology’s adverse effects on their mental state. Lowering their self-esteem and making them feel a terrible amount of pressure to be as good as everyone else, social platforms often hurt young people, and they’re the first ones to figure out ways to fight this phenomenon.

Taking Better Care Of Your Happiness

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● Therapy

One of the best things millennials have done is destigmatize therapy. Asking for help is always a good idea, and everyone should be able to do it without judgment or fear. Therapy is a massive help both with serious mental illnesses and with ones that are easier to control.

● New Environment

Changing your environment or simply adding to it can significantly change your perspective in life. This is no easy task, but in the long run, it’s always worth it. For example, being more outgoing and honest will help you connect with others and find new aspects of life you enjoy.

● Financial Plans

When dealing with something as difficult as money management, it’s always good to have a plan. Getting in touch with a person that can help you organize your funds will make the whole thing easier and thus be less of a reason for worries.

● Exercise

It’s no secret that being healthy and being happy are connected. Working out keeps you healthy, boosts your confidence, and reduces stress. It can also help you find new hobbies and make more friends.

● Social Media Awareness

Being able to put down your phone and to enjoy the moment is very important for daily happiness. However, it is also handy to remind yourself that what we see is never the whole story and that we don’t have to compete with anyone. Thanks to social media, the bars we have set so high for ourselves aren’t valid, and we shouldn’t pay them as much attention as we do.

Mental health

Regardless of the trying times, we’re in. Help is always available.

Being healthy mentally is perhaps more important than being physically okay and should never be neglected.

Even though millennials face a series of daily problems, it is entirely possible to deal with them and become better people as a result.

With that in mind and all the right steps already being taken, there’s no reason to be scared and not try to help yourself and those around you.

Please take advantage of my FREE 30-minute consultation to find out how to help you retain positive mental health in this crazy world.

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