Man made or Human Hair Hair comb – Which is Best

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You will discover two types of wig content – synthetic fiber and real human hair. Most people naturally assume that a human locks wig is necessarily greater than a synthetic one when it is not that simple. The correct decision depends on what you expect from a wig, how you are going to do it, and how much time can you can certainly devote to caring for it. How to find the Best curly wigs?

People hair wigs

Most people’s hair wigs on the market are created from Asian hair. Most of it is from China, although higher quality Wok cookware hair comes from women who stay in India or Pakistan. Wok cookware hair, by its dynamics, is thick, straight likely very dark in color. This hair is great for doing straight black wigs, but to make a blond curly hair brush, it has to go through several bleaching steps and other chemical solutions. As a result, the hair gets destroyed, and a wig that looks great, when new, could become dull in several months.

The best quality hair for European-looking wigs comes from the Eastern European union, like Poland and Italy. This hair costs more than Asian hair because not so many women are likely to sell their locks in these countries. Wigs made from European locks last longer and feel better to the touch.

When buying a human locks wig, be sure to find out by where the hair originates. When you are prepared to spend several hundred cash on a wig, it is best to pick one made from European hair. If your wig label says “human hair wig” without indicating the origin of the hair, it’s likely made from Asian hair.

Great things about human hair wigs:

  • An individual hair wig lasts much longer than a synthetic one
  • An individual hair wig is tender and feels natural to touch
  • A human hair wig could be styled and dyed, the same as your hair
  • A human hair comb “breathes,” so your scalp refuses to sweat as much under a single


  • A human hair comb needs to be styled after every cleanup
  • A human hair wig is usually expensive

Synthetic wigs

Though you can find hundreds of synthetic wigs styles, not all synthetic fabrics are created equally. For example, fancy dress wigs for Halloween are usually made from lower-quality fabric – they are cheap and look like a wig. This is okay for the Halloween party, but for everyday use, you’ll need a wig that will look like it includes grown on your head. Fortunately for you, the modern synthetic components used in top-quality developer wigs can look realistic.

Go for well-known hairpiece brands, like Aspen, Revlon, Norinco, or Beverly Manley, and you will get a natural search for an affordable price.

A synthetic wig also offers several advantages:

  • ease of treatment – the wig maintains its style after becoming washed
  • lower price


  • Weight loss style a synthetic wig along with iron – it will burn off
  • A synthetic wig will last just a few months if you wear it each day

I prefer synthetic wigs because I don’t put them on daily – only when I wish to look different. Also, easy care is a very important factor for me personally. So if you want a wig like a fashion accessory or a way to have a conversation, I would recommend obtaining several synthetic wigs in various colors and styles, rather than just one human hair wig for a similar price. But be careful — only go for top quality, more costly synthetic tresses. Otherwise, you may be disappointed with your new look.

Artificial vs . human hair wigs – cost issues

A medium-quality human hair hairpiece is going to be more expensive than an artificial one. This comes down to the material. While synthetic materials can be manufactured as needed, long women’s hair, great quality, is in a limited provide. The best quality human hair in Eastern Europe is very uncommon.

The best quality synthetic wigs generally cost one or two hundred bucks. The price for a human hair hairpiece is much higher — typically over five hundred bucks, depending on the length. However, you will get both types of wigs with discount prices from web shops specializing in discounted wigs. Discount wigs are not inferior in quality; they aren’t the latest products. If cost matters, it’s always better to buy a best-quality synthetic wig than a below-average human-hair wig.

If you are nonetheless unsure about which hair comb to choose, though, our tip is to go for a top-quality man hair wig if you intend the idea to become your new style along with wearing it every day. Real hair wigs are the better option for individuals that need a wig because of hair loss. On the other hand, choose a synthetic hair comb if you intend to spend playtime with your look and change your photo once in a while.

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