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How to find my DNS server IP address by using my router? This is one of the most common questions that many asked for. So, a router is automatically set to the DNS server from upstream. Now you have some queries that how to know the IP address of the DNS server? Right! So first let me tell you that the full form of DNS is a Domain Name System and it is an internet service that can able to translate domain names into IP addresses. So if you are want to know your IP address then you need to go through the router’s interface status page. There you can customize the settings and so many other things as well.

How to find my DNS server: some methods

Method 1:

You can simply use the routers webpage to find out the DNS server IP address assigned by your ISP. For that, you just need to open a web browser and put the router’s IP address and press enter on your keyboard. After that enter your username and password, then you can able to see the router’s webpage. Then click on the status to know the DNS server.

Method 2:

You need to click on start then run and then type CMD and then press the enter button to open a command prompt. After that type, the nslookup to check the DNS resolution. And the first two lines are the DNS server.

Method 3:

You just need to open the bash shell prompt and type dig or host commands to see the DNS server.

Let’s find my DNS server and its importance

Now some people may think that why is this DNS server is so important? So let me clear you that this DNS server is the most important thing as this is the backbone of the Internet. So if the DNS is not making a reply then you will not be able to connect to other websites on the internet. As the DNS can translate the domain name to the correct IP address so that you can access any website as you want. Without the DNS, the majority of the Internet process will be broken down.

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