Koshe Kosha review- The Best Authentic Bengali Food

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Bengali food is well established for its unique taste. Koshe Kosha is a play on Bengali work “Kosha” which means meat cooked with spices for a long time. Koshe Kosha review suggests that these restaurants are very eminent among the locals as well as the tourists. The restaurant was started by Pradeep Paul and began as a small kiosk in the food court of Star theatre in 2007. 

There are eight outlets of Koshe Kosha restaurants in Kolkata and one in Bangalore. These types of restaurants work better as landmarks, so you’ll find them. Koshe Kosha generally serves spicy food using traditional Bengali methods. Kolkata is the haven for Koshe Kosha restaurants with a superb taste that provides non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. 

These restaurants have a traditional look with rural Bengal décor. Koshe Kosha is not very expensive as a table for two will cost you a maximum of 700rs. Some of the varieties are very rare now a day and should be tried.  

Koshe Kosha review– Impressive Menu

The dishes provided are spicy enough to test your taste buds. The menu cards are good and have short descriptions of the dishes with Bangla names. Their preferred meat available is fish and mutton. The first dish you should try is Bhakti Fry. The fish bhakti is very popular in Bengali cuisine and Thai cuisine. The dish comes with Kasundi, which is Bengali mustard chutney. Bekti Chingrir Melbondhon is also another famous starter that you should try. 

Next up is the special dish called the Kosha Mangsho, which is Tenderised Mutton in spicy Bengali style thick gravy. The mutton served is very tender and well cooked. The curry is accompanied by Basanti pulao. The yellow pulao seems simple but has a unique taste of its own. Anaraser, which means pineapple chutney is also available, and it has a sweet taste that you will enjoy. 

Koshe Kosha review – You can also order Mocha Chingri, its banana flower cooked with prawns. They have an option in drinks too, like Aam Pora Sorbot, Gondhoraj Ghol, and fresh lime soda, all of them very nourishing. Gondhoraj Ghol is a simple thin lassi with excellent flavors. Other dishes like Malai Chingrir Biryani, Roshun Bhapa Bekti, Gondhoraj Murgi are all equally persuasive Koshe Kosha. The food is impressive. You will fall in love with authentic Bengali food, especially during Durga Pujo. 

Koshe Kosha review– The Stunning Dining

The restaurants are well-known for offering healthy food and delicious cuisine. Koshe Kosha restaurant has decorative tables, lightings, wall painting, and impressive carpet. Koshe Kosha review tells us that the staff is well trained & treat customer friendly. The Staff at Koshe Kosha will serve you water as you sit at your tables. The restaurants are designed with old, black, and white framed photographs with pictures of Kolkata’s landmarks. Koshe Kosha has a different vibe altogether, and it’s like you have all the Bengali food under one roof. 

Koshe Kosha review– Exclusive Branches Available 

  1. Koshe Kosha- Golpark, Kolkata
  2. Koshe Kosha- Behela, Kolkata
  3. Koshe Kosha- Garia, Kolkata 
  4. Koshe Kosha- Hatibagan, Kolkata
  5. Koshe Kosha- Javadpur, Kolkata
  6. Koshe Kosha- Sector 3 Salt Lake, Kolkata
  7. Koshe Kosha- Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata
  8. Koshe Kosha- Park Street Area, Kolkata
  9. Koshe Kosha- Kormangala 1st Block, Kolkata 

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What type of cuisine is Koshe Kosha famous for?

Koshe Kosha is famous for Bengali cuisine.

How many prominent Koshe Kosha outlets are there in Kolkata?

There are eight prominent outlets of Koshe Kosha restaurants in Kolkata.

Do Koshe Kosha restaurants provide home delivery?

Yes, Koshe Kosha review tells us that these restaurants do provide home delivery for delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy.

Do Koshe Kosha restaurants provide air conditioning?

Yes, some of the restaurants do provide air conditioning.

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