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If you’re curious about Korean news, countless sources are out there. However, when selecting the ideal start, you need to keep a few critical criteria in mind when making your selection. Find out the best info about korea online news.

One key consideration is what type of content you wish to consume; perhaps you are interested in politics or economics.

Korea Times

The Korea Times is one of Korea’s premier English-language news publications, founded by pioneer educator and journalist Helen Kim.

The newspaper provides coverage of international business, finance, and economic news from a financial and business viewpoint while also covering politics, society, and culture from a Korean perspective.

Daily updates at 10 AM KST cover Korean and international news.

Yonhap News provides English coverage of Korean news from the central Korean news agency that serves as the Korean Associated Press.

South Korean news organization that supplies news articles, pictures, and other content to newspapers and TV networks across South Korea. Furthermore, their English website allows readers to subscribe and get daily breaking news updates.

Joongang Ilbo

Koreans have long enjoyed accessing news online via portals like Naver and Daum. Unfortunately, however, these platforms have also come under criticism by both media companies and civic groups alike for various issues they pose.

The Korea Press Foundation reports in its Digital News Report that most Koreans rely on mobile devices to access news content; other than for messaging or viewing non-news content like video, most people read news via portal websites.

Political liberalization ushered in an era of increased news media freedom during the late 1980s. Under President Roh Moo Hyun’s eight-point declaration for press freedom, which allowed newspapers to base correspondents in provincial cities while withdrawing security officials from newspaper offices, restrictions were eased dramatically on news organizations.

Dong-A Ilbo

Portals use algorithms to curate news articles for users, expanding or narrowing the audience depending on whether a commenter responds positively or negatively.

There is a wide selection of Korean online news sources available today. Some, like Naver News, specialize in specific subjects, while others cover various topics.

Naver News is an excellent way for political enthusiasts to stay up-to-date, featuring coverage of both Korean political issues and international news stories.

The site also features an economy section, covering everything from stock market information to real estate news stories. In addition, economic updates are regularly added here, providing an invaluable source for those who wish to stay abreast of recent developments in Korean and global finance.

This user-friendly website boasts an extensive database with 1076 articles, 173386 vocabularies, and 169736 examples written in simple Korean. Plus, it comes equipped with multiple add-ons to enhance your learning experience!


Yonhap is the most significant news agency in South Korea, providing news articles covering politics, society, business, finance, culture, and sports and providing news in English and other languages.

Yonhap News was listed among the top three media companies in South Korea by a panel studying media power under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in January 2016. With a 19.6% market share for the online news content category over KBS/its affiliates at 9.9% share.

Yonhap News Agency maintains contracts with over 66 international news services, such as Associated Press, Reuters, United Press International, and Agence France-Presse. In addition to reporting international news stories from its headquarters in Seoul, reporters from Yonhap travel to major cities all around the globe to cover local events from a Korean viewpoint.

Yonhap News also employs a team dedicated to covering North Korean news for complete and in-depth domestic and international coverage. This team monitors several North Korean outlets, such as Rodong Sinmun Newspaper and Korea Central News Agency.

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