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When it comes to our stomach, we never settle down. Everyone has their taste of choice, whether Chinese, Indian, Thai, French, etc.

We never compromise with our food. Kimly Seafood Group is considered one of the most important conventional espresso shop operators in Singapore.

Founded in 1990, with extra than 28 years as a food outlet operator, Kimly Seafood Group has installed its reputation and grown to emerge as one of the most desired espresso store operators by coffee store proprietors. 

Kimly Seafood group has preserved the heritage of a traditional espresso keep that provides a wide choice of less expensive food for humans from all walks of existence.

Kimly Seafood Group is likewise constantly modernizing to keep up with times and changing purchaser trends. To offer a place for buddies and households to come collectively and enjoy delicious yet low priced food in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.



SEAFOOD Being housed ordinarily in heartland ingesting areas like coffee stores, the ambiance at Seafood is normally casual, bustling, and noisy. Diners use typically useful plastic chairs and tables.

Don’t anticipate too much atmosphere here; however, the good component is Kimly Seafood usually has massive communal eating tables blocked for them.

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Seafood is known for his or her complete flavored, extremely tasty Chinese Zi Char dishes. Their seafood is in particular sparkling, and several tofu beancurd objects are made in-house.

Portions are designed for at least 2 – three humans’ communal dining, too huge for just one man or woman. Prices are very less costly; anticipate paying about SGD 13 – $20 in line with a man or woman here, even if you order seafood dishes.



Their SEAFOOD menu is alternatively significant, and specialties here consist of their seafood dishes, meat dishes, and tofu beancurd dishes.

The Yang Zhou Fried Rice (SGD 4 / $6 / $8) was the weakest dish. It wasn’t terrible, however average at fine, with the rice cooked nicely, holding a torch of wok hei / breath of the wok. Properly eggy, yet, the lack of smoky pork meat / Chinese sausage permit down the overall taste. Good enough to order, however, now not on its personal.

The Kimly Homemade Beancurd (SGD 10 / $sixteen) was the first-rate. The tofu beancurd turned into soft and attractive, and the thick, gooey gravy is delicious. The thick, crunchy pieces of broccoli lent an appropriate texture while the tender braised shiitake mushroom slices lent an earthy flavor.

Almost like an aggregate of a thick soup/broth/stew and a gravy, the Superior Stock With three Mushrooms (SGD 12 / $16 / $20) has a drinkable gravy stew, thick and flavourful. Also, it is going well over rice! The trio of mushrooms, along with golden enoki, shiitake, and straw mushrooms, alongside snow peas, broccoli, carrots, and fish maw, are all clean, ensuing in a delectable dish.

Is KIMLY SEAFOOD is extravagant?

Kimly Seafood is thought for its complete flavored, extraordinarily tasty Chinese Zi Char dishes. Their seafood is in particular sparkling, and numerous tofu beancurd items are made in-house. Portions are designed for communal dining of at least 2 - 3 human beings, too big for just one person. Prices are somewhat high; count on to pay about SGD thirteen - $20 in keeping with a person here, even if you order seafood dishes.

Does KIMLY SEAFOOD bring out new things?

There is one thing certain with KIMLY SEAFOOD is that it always innovates something new. Every time you go there, they present you something different. Like, Tze Char is one of the many things that attracting many people.

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