It is possible to Goal of Education?

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Since the creation of this material entire world man’s efforts to make an everlasting residence here had generally been baffled. Birth, illness, old age and death, perturb everyone without exclusion. The laws of character are so stringent that the actual most powerful men are smashed and reduced to bone fragments or ashes at the end. Nobody has ever escaped the actual icy hands of mystical death, in the past, and neither will certainly anyone, in the future.

Despite sophisticated and varied insurance policies, there is absolutely no immunity against disease, aging and death. Neither typically the elaborate security arrangement involving politicians can protect any individual from the ravages of disorder old age and death.

Typically the advancement of material knowledge is doing next to nothing, in clearing up these existential problems involving life. It helps us to get acclimatized to birth, loss of life, and all sorts of suffering. Material professionals have discovered many facilities intended for sense enjoyment and breakdown, but they have discovered no answer to the problems of old age, disorder, and death. They cannot help make any machine that will verify the death, old age, or disorder. At best, material science can just only create bombs and principal points to accelerate the process of demise.

Those who are intelligent, however, aren’t concerned with the fourfold miseries of material life, but with a degree of lift to the spiritual planets.

The term education takes its origins from the Latin word ‘Educare’ which means to bring out. What exactly is to be brought out? The bright qualities are inherent in all creatures. The Bhagavad-gita, probably the earliest scripture on the planet, tells us which man has a physical, delicate or mental and religious presence. The senses usually are superior to the gross system, the mind superior to the feels, above the mind is the thinking ability, and even above the intelligence is the soul, the owner of the body.

Often the bible corroborates this actuality by saying man features terrestrial and celestial figures. It is only the spirit internal that survives death.

Authentic education, therefore, means self-realization, the realization of the spiritual personality of man. Real knowledge begins with an inquiry into the self and its origin. Virtually any education which does not deal with this pertinent issue, or perhaps lead to such realization has to be considered avidya, or nescience. Therefore the advancement of understanding by a godless civilization can be as dangerous as a valuable treasure on the hood of a cobra. A cobra decorated using a valuable jewel is more hazardous than the one not furnished. A decorated cobra may seem attractive, and easily mistaken fewer the intelligent, but its fangs remain as poisonous and also deadly as the undecorated.

Inside Vedic scriptures, the growth of education by a godless people is compared to the design of a dead body. In China, as in many other countries, a number of people follow the custom of foremost a procession with an ornamented dead body for the pleasure of the lamenting relatives. In the same way, current civilization is a patchwork connected with activities meant to cover often the perpetual miseries of material life.

Out of His unlimited benevolence, the Personality of Godhead sends His bona fide specialists in the form of His sons, housemaids and messengers such as Christ, Mohammed, the Buddha, and so on to propagate spiritual education and learning, by which the conditioned individuals of this world can come back to the eternal kingdom regarding God. Sometimes the Lord will come Himself to do this work, given that all living beings are usually His beloved sons, His or her parts and parcels. The almighty feel more sorry than themselves, to see how all the existing entities of this world are usually constantly undergoing great difficulties.

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The miseries of this content world serve to indirectly tell us of our incompatibility having matter. Intelligent living people generally take note of these ticklers and engage themselves in the customs of transcendental knowledge. People life is the best opportunity for often the culturing of spiritual knowledge, as well as a human being who does not take the selling point of this opportunity is called a new naradhama, the lowest of individuals.

The path of avidya, as well as the advancement of material knowledge to get a sense of gratification, is the course of repeated birth and also death. As he is present spiritually, the living organization has no birth or death. Birth and death connect with the outward covering of the spirit soul, the body. Dying is compared to the taking off and also birth to the putting on regarding outward garments.

Foolish people who are grossly absorbed inside the culture of avidya, nescience, do not mind this inappropriate process. Enamoured with illusory energy, they will undergo the same miseries consistently and do not learn any courses from the laws of dynamics.

Therefore the culture of vidya, or transcendental knowledge, is really important for the human being. Sense fun in the diseased material ailment must be restricted as far as likely. An unrestricted sense of enjoyment of this bodily condition is the course of ignorance and passing away. The living entities aren’t going to be without spiritual senses; just about every living being in his original, non-secular form has all the feels, which are now materially marked, being covered by the material mind and body.

The activities of the material intuitively feel are perverted reflections on the activities of the original, psychic senses. In his diseased tissue, the spirit soul participates in material activities under the stuff covering. Real sense satisfaction is possible only when the disease involving materialism is removed. In your pure spiritual form, devoid of all material contamination, the true enjoyment of the senses can be done. A patient must regain their health before he can really enjoy a sense of pleasure once again.

Thus the aim of human living should not be to enjoy perverted feelings enjoyment but to cure the fabric disease. Aggravation of the materials disease is no sign of information, but a sign of avidya, ignorance. For good health, an individual should not increase his temperature from 105 degrees in order to 107 degrees but ought to reduce his temperature to the normal 98. 6.

That needs to be the aim of human life. The current trend of material civilization would be to increase the temperature of the feverish material condition, which has arrived at the point of 107 levels in the form of atomic energy. At the same time, the foolish politicians tend to be crying that at any second the world may go to heck. That is the result of the development of material knowledge and the ignoring of the most important part of lifestyle, the culture of psychic knowledge.

Sri Isopanisad here warns that we must not comply with this dangerous path ultimately causing death. On the contrary, we must produce a culture of psychic knowledge so that we may grow to be completely free from the continuous miseries of birth, disease, aging and death, and get back to our eternal home from the spiritual sky, where you can enjoy eternal bliss devoid of all material encumbrances.

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