International Stock Investing: Everything You Need To Know

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Investing in international stocks allow investors to invest in some of the renowned companies or businesses and gain profits. But, with thousands of publicly traded stocks in the United States, why invest in international stocks in the first place? Well, international stock investing can minimize the risk and boost gains. Also, adding international stocks to your portfolio helps reduce volatility.


However, if you are new to the stock market, going international is no less than a hassle. But it needs not be. Here, we will let you know everything you need to know about before you dip your toes in foreign waters. First, let us discuss in detail why you should invest in international stocks.


Why Invest In International Stocks?

Given today’s globally interconnected economy, you can’t avoid international exposure. Also, more than half the market capitalization of the entire world lies outside the States. This means international stocks provide you with a range of opportunities that domestic stocks won’t provide. Stock exchanges present outside the USA allow investors to strengthen their portfolios, which helps them manage potential risks and offer long-term growth.


How To Invest In International Stocks?

The best way to invest in international stocks is by investing in US-registered ETFs or mutual funds that track the foreign market. Investing in US-registered funds help you avoid potential risks or costs associated with investing in foreign or international stocks. Mutual funds and ETFs offer inherent diversification benefits that keep you from the tedious task of picking individual stocks.


Also, these funds provide you with a lot of options to invest internationally. You can choose funds that are regional, country-specific, or track different markets. Even more? All these funds are easily available through most brokerage accounts.


Grow the international part of your investment portfolio only when you feel comfortable. You can invest through dollar-cost averaging, a strategy in which one buys an investment regardless of its price. Start small and scape up with time. Gradually, you will find the right spot for international stock allocation.


What Are The Risks Associated With International Stocks?

Different trading regulations, protocols, etc., are some of the general risks that come along with international stocks. In addition, they also carry risks, like-


Political Instability

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Going with international stocks means going with the government and people where foreign shares are located. Some countries and their respective markets are liable to violent political and economic events, corruption, fluctuations in currency rates, etc. Clearly, such unfavorable events in an international company’s native country can harm your investment.


So, it is advised to stay updated about what’s happening in the international stock market, as well as the stock price of the prospective company you want to invest in. For example, if you plan to invest in Moller International, have a look at the Moller International stock price.


Limited Data

Another risk is the limited access to financial information about international stocks. Different countries have different rules for the data that publicly traded companies can report.



You already know that the US is the world’s largest stock exchange. Thus, there is plenty of buyers and sellers on the market. But it may not be the case in every country. There could be low trading volumes or limited trading hours, making it difficult for investors to buy or sell stocks when they want.


How To Manage The Cost Of International Stocks?

Clearly, investors should expect a higher cost while investing in an international stock market. But this should not keep one from investing internationally. Just make sure to check a few things with the broker before trading. Talk about the foreign taxation policy on dividends that are held outside the United States. Discuss transaction costs, broker’s commission, expense ratio, etc., to manage the funds. Also, take note of the currency conversions.


Investing in international stocks is a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio; however, this decision should be made based on adequate information. Hopefully, now you have an idea of what international stock investing is all about.

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