InteracInvestor Review – Build Trading Skills through Expert Guidance


One of the things that many new traders completely forget when they sign up with a broker is that the broker is supposed to be their teacher too. You could get a trading platform from just about anyone. A broker, on the other hand, provides you with many other resources that are invaluable and can’t be found in most other places. My InteracInvestor review is dedicated to such a broker that I think really focuses on training its traders to become professionals.

The training on this platform is unprecedented. It takes you sequentially and systematically from basic learning to advanced trading concepts. How does InteracInvestor help you learn trading? Let’s find out in the review.

Educational Materials for All

What I want to talk about first is the training material that has been arranged with all types of traders in mind. The thing about online learning is that you don’t usually get to speak to any teachers. You either learn through eBooks or videos. You don’t get to talk to them. The training material from InteracInvestor consists of eBooks and videos too but they have been placed in different categories to educate you step by step. What it means is that you can learn basics first, then move on to advanced learning, and then into the most complex trading concepts.

The educational material is available to you without any additional charges. The best part is that you can use it as soon as you sign up with the basic account. In some cases, I have noticed that online brokers give you only partial access to training materials when you sign up with a basic trading account. That’s not the case on this platform.

Webinars, Live Learning, and Training Sessions

Another layer of education that you will find on this platform consists of webinars and live learning. So, you know that recorded videos and eBooks can only teach you so much. If you want the help of a teacher teaching you everything in real time, you surely want to attend the webinars. These webinars are frequently conducted by the broker to help you with learning and also provide you with the latest insights from the markets. The more admirable part is that you never miss any webinars. What I mean by that is that InteracInvestor lets you attend the upcoming webinars but also allows you to access the ones that have already taken place.

Furthermore, you have one-on-one training sessions that are great for those who need individual attention from experts. In these sessions, you can learn from the best trading experts who are willing to give you their personal time to bring you to their level. Secret trading groups are also made available to you when you sign up with at least the Interac+ account. In these groups, you get insider knowledge that is hardly available on any other platform.

Analyst Consultation and Dedicated Account Managers

If you still think you need more attention and training from the best in the industry, you will definitely love to take advantage of analyst consultation and dedicated account managers. I do want to tell you here that InteracInvestor gives you access to the dedicated account manager feature when you sign up with the most basic account type. As you move on to subsequent account types on the list, you find other great features as well.

For example, when you go with the gold account, you will have training sessions with trading analysts as well. They can tell you how to analyze markets and assets, and give you the secrets that only reside with them.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter how difficult trading seems to you because when you have access to so much knowledge from the best trading experts in the industry, you can surely become a great trader in no time. Just make sure you pick the account that really addresses your specific trading needs and then begins trading on this platform.

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