Important steps to start a business in SHAMS free zone

Important steps to start a business in SHAMS free zone

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Sharjah Media City, or SHAMS for short, is a free zone in Sharjah which is the Emirate closest to Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, forming a SHAMS firm is a relatively new means of doing business. Now, let us look more closely at how to set up a business in the SHAMS-free zone.

What are the important steps to start a business in Sharjah Media City Free Zone?

So you are interested in setting up a business in the SHAMS Media City Free Zone? Then it’s high time that you familiarise yourself with the steps to start the business efficiently.

  • The first and foremost step is to find the online portal of Sharjah Media City. After finding it you should educate yourself on the availability of types of business licenses. The types of business licenses available are Service License, Industrial License, Trading License, and Holding license
  • The second step is to choose the office facilities. That means you will have to come to terms with the details like whether you need a dedicated desk or office
  • The next step is the procedure to give all the necessary documents to the respective authorities. You can either get help from a business setup consultant or can do it on your own
  • Fourthly, you need to do the payments and the further procedures related to it. You need to deal with the payment invoice which is to be given to the Shams Free Zone. Like we said you either can give the payment to the consultant or do it yourself. If you have hired the best business setup consultant then they will pay on your behalf
  • Last but not least you need to finally access the Sharjah free zone license you are given and start the business of your dream
  • If you follow all the above-given steps then you can efficiently set up the business without any trouble. Also, the process will be simple and quick but also budget-friendly.

What are the reasons to choose SHAMS Free Zone?

It is obvious that the SHAMS Free zone is enormously growing with successful business due to various business benefits. Now we will list some great reasons for you to choose SHAMS Free Zone.

Quick and Easy Registration Process

Due to the digitalization of the registration process, the investor can immediately register the firm. Shams has made obtaining a free zone licence very simple and convenient. The investor does not need to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in order to obtain a licence, and the licence can be obtained in two to three days.

Range of Activities

There are a variety of business activities accessible for registration in the Shams Free Zone. Having a diverse range of business alternatives in one location can benefit both the companies and the free zone, as the enterprises can pool resources for services and the free zone can serve a larger client base.

 Multiple Business, Single License

You are allowed to have access to four types of licenses. Let us introduce the four types of licenses.

●      Service License

The first one is the service license which is necessary if you are about to provide service to the companies.

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●      Trading License

Secondly, you will have a license for trading which is necessary if you are into selling and exporting goods.

●      Industrial License

Thirdly we have an industrial license in which the companies can have access to the license and can perform business tasks like manufacturing and production of goods.

●      Holding License

Fourthly we have a license that comes in use for the companies that have stock among different companies. They must be available to influence the decisions. After paying a certain amount of money, the number of activities covered by a licence can be raised.

Simple Account Registration

Opening a bank account is a complicated and time-consuming process in most countries, but it is simple in Shams Free Zone. The investor will be given a list of banks that have a relationship with the Shams Free Zone, and they will be able to choose where they want to open their bank account.

The Presence of Shareholders

The physical presence of the shareholders is not necessary for the formation of a new company in Shams Free Zone. The connected parties can sign and deliver the necessary paperwork to the free zone or the free zone’s registered agents. The free zone will then establish businesses and generate electronic copies of paperwork that may be used to open bank accounts.

Some of these advantages are not available in the other free zones in the UAE, which distinguishes Shams Free Zone from the others.


To sum up, SHAMS is a fantastic resource for new and growing enterprises. You’ll almost certainly be able to locate a business activity that suits your needs. Costs and visa slots are also very reasonable. The setup process can either be in your hands or with a business consultant that you trust. We advise you to find the best of the best business setup constant in Dubai to help you with the hidden procedures or costs. Any way they can help you spot a thing or two you are missing while they make a chance for you to save time and energy to focus on building the backbone of the business.

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