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The covid19 pandemic undoubtedly affected many business’ operations. However, even amidst all the new regulations imposed on all businesses across the United Kingdom, business owners must be cautious so that none of these changes cause a detrimental effect on fire safety. Every business has a juridical responsibility to keep up with fire safety training even during the covid 19 pandemic. Fire safety is imperative. A fire can break out anytime, anywhere, and if your business is found liable for neglecting its fire safety procedure, you can face prosecution or severe fines.

Fire safety training

Fire safety training is a law requirement for every business across the united kingdom. It is about ensuring that every employee is aware of what to do in a fire emergency. Here is what your employees should know about fire safety training

Fire prevention measures

Fire safety training covers all the aspects of dealing with fire emergencies; preventing fires by following the right procedures, staying safe, and escaping in the event of a fire break out. It all starts with fire prevention training since we all hope never to experience a fire break out. So, having your employees undergo the proper training and the best practice measures on keeping your business premises and everyone else inside of it safe is most important. 

Emergency plans

Every business premise should have an emergency plan to facilitate what is to happen in a fire emergency. A fire safety program trains your employees to respond in a fire break out and how to get to the safety assembly point. Every employee should know where the safety assembly point is and the safest way to get there during a fire. Additionally, they need to know how to operate safety devices such as fire doors.

Operating fire extinguishers

Your employees need to know how to operate fire extinguishers and different methods of preventing a blaze from further spread. Fire safety training covers how to identify the safest area to tackle the flames instead of evacuating. This is usually an advanced level of training, and you can select specific employees to undergo this type of fire training. It also includes more training on emergency activities such as evacuating everyone from the premise and shutting down dangerous equipment that could fuel the flames more.

Fire training is still imperative even in the middle of a global pandemic.

Regardless of the changes in business operations due to the covid 19 crisis, every business must keep up with fire safety training. With the government considering fire safety providers critical workers right from the first UK lockdown, that means support continues to be available. According to  Russell Totnes, CEO of Totnes Fire Protection and Signs Company, they have devised measures to ensure they still provide essential services while still observing government guidelines on the covid 19 pandemics. 

If your business is not at par with fire safety requirements such as certification, maintenance of fire systems, an inspection of fire extinguishers, etc., citing the covid 19 pandemics as a reason for not doing that, you are neglecting your responsibility.


It is quite evident that the Coronavirus cannot stop a fire from breaking out. A fire can break out anytime, anywhere. Therefore, every business must adhere to fire safety testing and maintenance even amidst the covid19 global pandemic.

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