Hydraulic Press Brakes Buyer’s Guidebook

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When sourcing a new hit brake, the buyer’s aim should be to match the equipment on their expected requirements and employ, plus get the best value because of their investment. This means obtaining an outstanding quality product with convenient features at an affordable charge. Guide on shenchong press brake.

Also, just looking at direct cost can sometimes be deceiving as life circuit costs should be accounted for, including maintenance costs and efficiency of labor throughout using the press brake.

Hydraulic press brakes began updating mechanical ones in the ’70s due to costs and safety issues. A hydraulic system replaced mechanical components, which often eliminated these costly machined parts. Of course, incorporating a unique hydraulic system with good quality components is paramount for you to supply reliable and exact equipment for the end-user.

The client should also ask if valves, rings, seals, and other essential hydraulic components are readily available if the company they are buying has a good after income service staff. Proprietary areas are often difficult to find and usually take a while to obtain.

Press wheels, like all machines, possess features that differ from the various manufacturers. The back measure is a feature that is usually not included with this machine because of standard equipment even though it is very useful. This gauge is usually sold as an option.

This is correct also for tooling too. There are specialty tooling businesses that sell after marketplace press brake tooling for many types of press brake work. Yet, a savvy buyer can negotiate a front controlled power back gauge and tooling package to be incorporated with their press brake buy. If the supplier is within the cutting edge, he will have possibly American or European design tooling to offer to the client.

Since the buyer usually needs to rely on the salesman’s suggestions, it is very important to buy from a seller who is not only familiar with metal fabricating machinery. Additionally, it has some metallurgical background and good sense.

When the customer says they need a 150-ton push brake, for instance, the salesman must query them further and pinpoint the type of materials they will be working with. Rounding about stainless steel requires 50% far more power than bending 58 000 tensile plates as an illustration.

The salesman should know that the period “mild steel” hasn’t endured in over 20 years. That was replaced with A36, plus the tensile can range from 57 000 psi up to 85 000 psi.

There is an enormous gap, so instead of calculating 15. 4 tons each foot when bending ¼” A36 material, you need to give up to at least 19 lots per foot. Even though the person may not have given adequate facts to the salesperson, it is up to the salesperson to help suit the right equipment for the task by asking the right more questions.

The buyer also needs to ensure that whichever press brake they purchase is flush floors mounted. Many of the 150 and 176-ton machines out there require a slot in the floors to accommodate the apron hanging from the front conclusion of the press brake. Often the photo in a catalog does not pick up this issue. Question your salesperson to no longer be surprised and spend a lot more money on this kind of foundation.

Purchasing press wheels is an important task; some useful tips can go a long way in saving the buyer money and labor. Be sure to do your research and search for high-quality equipment, because witnessed by this salesman.

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