How you can Survive Testicular Cancer


A typical reaction among men upon receiving the news that they have Testicular Cancer, as with any cancer, is actually,

‘Is it serious? ‘,

‘How long have I acquired? ‘,

and, perhaps the majority of feared Testicular Malignancy,

‘Will I still be a person? ‘

Natural reactions towards the news that you’ve got the big ‘C.’

No, these are not the three most important things, but We shall come to those later in this article.

There is no reason to suppose, however, that you will not survive it!! The success rate is pretty high in most TC cases, provided you have caught it early sufficient that treatment can be efficient.

The immediate reaction to the news, whenever diagnosed, can be one of pure terror and denial, however in my case, I worked well for the National Health Support (in the UK), together seen many, many sufferers with far worse circumstances who survived their remedies. Hence, it was a case associated with accepting that I could have this, did have it, and getting upon with the treatment!

TC sufferers can be portrayed in the press, TV, etc . as being in denial, afraid or unwilling to accept it, and generally working in a state of fury or panic. But this kind of need is not because it is just not an unstoppable killer considering the modern treatments and drugs that exist.

I underwent a course involving chemotherapy, and it was pretty demanding too! There were unwanted side effects, of course, but once you become accustomed to the regime, you can make it, and it doesn’t last long. The other alternative, involving not having the treatment, doesn’t keep thinking about, anyway!

In my case, I survived and also have lived a happy and energetic life for the past twenty years, without any loss of sexual appetite nor the ability to satisfy my beautiful wife!

I think this is true to say, that I actually enjoy a better sex life than I did before the big ‘C’!

How or why we have TC is not clear. There exists a link between inherited susceptibility to cancer and the probability of suffering from it, but sometimes, this can jump an era.

My own family had a brief history of cancers; my grandma died from stomach malignancy, and my mother passed away from a brain tumor, although at the age of nearly 91, and long after, I had been identified and successfully treated as well as cured.

I had an irregular testicle, which I had experienced but ignored until the son happened to hit me personally right there where it harmed, causing it to enlarge. This precipitated a trip to view the doctor, a scan, and the diagnosis. I was lucky, even though by ignoring the symptoms, cancer had distributed to a secondary around one among my kidneys.

There is a tutorial to be learned from this experience: do a regular self-applied check, and don’t ignore the indicators!

Three basic lifestyle plans you should understand.

1 . proper diet

2 . regular exercise

3. the effectiveness of the mind

A healthy diet is always one way to avoid any kind of illness, one own regular exercise, but as I was some badminton player, bike cyclist, and walker-to-work, and our everyday family diet was healthy, or so I thought, that is not the entire story.

So what do we males do to avoid the likely cover of getting TC?

Since generally, there seems to be no proof that one man may be much more susceptible than the next, we need to take the utmost care with the daily diet and lifestyle routine, and we can do this quite simply.

As I have stated, I thought that my everyday routines and diet had been fine, and indeed, a healthcare facility dietician thought so too, however, diets are only as good as the actual nutrition gained from them.

Allow me to explain. Eating fruit and veg, having a variety of meats and green salads seems like a good diet unless you consider where these foods originate from, how they are produced, as well as, more importantly, how often you eat particular foods, and how they are prepared or even cooked.

My diet experienced consisted of all the usual points you would expect to be healthful, and I got enough day-to-day exercise. But I may be wrong!

Visiting a friend in America some years before, we had been introduced to health supplements. At this point, these were not so popular with the Health Service, as it was deemed that ‘normal’ food ended up being sufficient for your average person, along with our NHS seemed to be versus any form of alternative remedies or treatments, and definitely versus anyone who was not a certified medical expert suggesting there may be another way!

When you consider what your ways of eating are, by this I mean precisely how, when, and what you eat, subsequently perhaps a ‘normal’ diet program is not sufficient.

You should always talk to your medical doctor, but as extended as we don’t overdose on it, health supplements, taken in moderation, can help do no harm, since fact may well be of benefit for you to us. Some studies have displayed that certain anti-oxidants might harm our system, but the proof from these reports is shown to be suspect!

I am regarded as young looking for my age group by at least ten years, as well as considering the rigorous chemotherapy which I went through, I am surprised by this. But then I shouldn’t be. The reason why? well, for a start I frequently play a strenuous game or maybe more Badminton, and I consume well, and I do get regular health supplements.

I’m absolutely no genius, but it doesn’t get much brain power to work out that i must be doing something directly to maintain my youthful look, and I’m not going to give up on anything that might be assisting me!

There is another element involved in my particular healthful regime. You may not believe this particular, but I believe in the artwork of self-hypnosis.

I was, before our UK federal government decided to ban it, a standard contest pistol shooter. When you may disagree with fire hands of any kind being in the actual hands of the common guy, I used specialist pistols to achieve some success within the shooting world.

What offers this to do with Cancer, you may ask?

Well, along with the rigours of physical training, equipment strengthening, hand/eye coordination, etc ., there is also the mind manage that all athletes learn. This particular mind control enables them, as well as me, to relax, and in a way control what happens in our selected sport. ‘Thinking’ is the topic, arrow, or whatever, into your bull, gold, or target’s heart.

This may appear to be fantastical. It is, however, established practice to teach sports individuals the techniques required to get this done, and Sports Psychologists undoubtedly are a regular part of successful activities and training programs.

You can typically see this in procedure during games such as tennis games, football, or golf the place that the player practises, in his imagination, the vital kick, work, golf shot, etc ., before performing the task.

Having the ability to chill out and blot out anything from the mind except the process of your selected sport, overflows into usual daily activities, and I am typically accused of not playing, nor hearing things that have a tendency on around me! (A good ‘man’ excuse, anyways! )

How can we take advantage of this skill in our fight against cancer tumors, and stay healthy?

Firstly, most of us cannot stop cancer manifesting if it is going to strike, however, we can channel our thought processes and concentrate on the cancer tumor.

While undergoing treatment, in addition to afterwards to this day, I am in a very constant state of understanding and positive thinking. So, by ‘thinking’ to keep more radiant, and to be constantly imagining healthy thoughts, I am competent to keep my body and imagination in a state of anti-cancer and good health.

Believe that or not, it is worth a try. You will find yourself amazed at some of the things that you can do by minutes a day practice, but it will surely soon become second nature to your account that you will be doing it without thinking about this!

So there you have it. Keep fit in addition to healthy, by whatever suggestions are at your disposal instructions whether that is diet, training, taking health supplements, or employing self hypnosis – and I believe that, like me, you actually stand a greater chance of living through the big ‘C’! But why don’t hope that you never have to handle that challenge?

Of course there are numerous questions which are asked about this sort of cancer, and many ways in which it is possible to affect your chances of surviving that.

How to survive Testicular Tumor (TC), (From one who provides! ), and the Cancer combating healthy life style. The three most crucial things you should consider! Written by any survivor: Colin Hayes

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Cheers for your interest.

with very best wishes

Colin Hayes.

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