How to Use Instagram Video Marketing to Promote Your Brand


Instagram provides several channels to reach your target audience with video content, with in-feed video ads known to generate high click-through rates and conversions. Tips to get instagram followers how to?

Create an eye-catching thumbnail and utilize emojis for engagement; optimize your description with relevant keywords; and include a link that drives traffic and sales.


Instagram video marketing platform offers marketers an effective means of reaching a targeted audience with their products or services. With its full-screen mobile-oriented format ideal for promoting conversions and cultivating brand followership, Instagram offers various video formats, including in-feed ads and story ads, as well as short branded videos which businesses can create to advertise themselves quickly and effectively on Instagram.

Videos, in contrast to photographs, tend to produce stronger reactions among customers than still images – particularly when using narrative transportation theory (a psychological mechanism driving self-brand connection and emotional responses).

To create maximum impact, brands should combine video and images in their storytelling efforts. They should remember that Instagram video ads autoplay without sound, so captions are essential. Furthermore, high-quality and relevant videos must be produced.


Instagram video marketing can be an effective tool to humanize your brand. Showcase daily routines, office or home life behind the scenes, and any other aspects that appeal to a larger audience through your daily video posts tagged with relevant hashtags so they reach more viewers.

Reels are long-form videos on Instagram Explore pages, followers’ feeds, and profile pages, with up to 60 seconds in duration and the potential to showcase products or events easily. Reels provide an effective platform to promote products or content.

Instagram Stories videos disappear within 24 hours and allow for interactive features like tagging, stickers, and CTAs that direct users to your website. In addition, use Instagram Stories ads to reach new audiences or retarget users who have visited but didn’t purchase, leading to increased conversions.


Reels are full-screen vertical videos up to 90 seconds long that provide a great way to engage with your audience, as they can be shared via Instagram Stories, IG DMs, and the feed. Furthermore, reels also allow for adding captions and tags – these tools help your content reach different audiences!

Reel content can be an ideal way to showcase the creativity of your brand, provide tutorials and tips, engage authentically with your target audience, boost its image as an industry leader, and ultimately spur conversions.

You must understand your audience and their needs to create an effective reel. Instagram users are eager to see authenticity; they want to feel connected with brands. One way of accomplishing this is by creating behind-the-scenes or tutorial videos. Tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and HubSpot enable the scheduling of photos, carousels, and in-grid/in-feed videos on Instagram.


Instagram’s new video platform, IGTV, allows you to make and post videos longer than one minute. Additionally, you can add a cover image within your video or upload your creation’s art – perfect for longer-form stories!

IGTV videos differ from feed videos by being displayed in a full-screen vertical format on your profile and the Instagram Explore page. As a result, it provides an ideal way to engage your target audience and increase followers and engagement.

Build and publish a weekly IGTV series to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Include an announcement of forthcoming videos in other forms of Instagram content like stories or Reels, such as testimonial videos from genuine customers. Interviews with influencers in your industry may also prove highly engaging, building audience trust while potentially leading to conversions. IGTV can even be used for creating tutorial videos!

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