How To Remove Yourself From Top People Search Sites

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If you don’t want your personal information floating around the internet, there are ways to bury your information so that far fewer people see it. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere you can buy a magic wand and wave your bad press away. However, with the strategies discussed below, you can either ask for information about you to be removed or bury it in search results. Let’s get started on protecting your privacy and burying the lede on things you would rather not have pop up in a search.

How Can You Clear Your Name from Google Search Results?

If there are websites that portray you in an unflattering light, you may think that there’s no way to stop them from popping up when your prospective employer googles your name. Although information truly can stay on the internet forever, you can use the characteristics of Google to your advantage. Google and other search engines prioritize recent data.

So, want to know how to clear your name from Google search? Follow these steps:

  1. Create social media accounts and build up a strong network. Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Digg, Mix and Pinterest are excellent platforms to start with. You can build up tons of positive posts that browsers will scoop up in search results. 
  2. Build authority by cross-linking Facebook and all your other social media accounts. Is this monotonous? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Google loves websites with high authority. So, as you continue to build and share positive references, the information you want hidden moves to the end of search results where, hopefully, no one will bother to look. 
  3. Change up your content to retain your authority. You can spice up old content with trends and statistics or create videos that people will want to share, which also helps your ranking. Instagram and other platforms allow hashtags that allow you to reach thousands of users. Use this to your advantage. 
  4. Write a glowing press release using your name as a keyword. You can find online news organizations that will publish your press release for a fee. (There’s a wide range of prices, so it pays to shop around.)
  5. Google Alerts and similar tools can help you track search results for your name. You can even receive an email whenever a new post pops up. Invest time and money in tools that help you monitor your online reputation. 

Remove Yourself From Search Websites

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PeopleLooker, MyLife, and Spokeo are a few examples of people search websites that display prominently in Yahoo, Bing, and Google. You can search for your name in the various search engines to see the information that pops up. How can you counteract negative search results? Make a list of negative articles and mentions of your name you want to bury. 

You have a few options to improve your reputation, as follows: 

  • Concentrate on the first five pages and contact each website with a removal request. Peoplelooker opt out is one example. 
  • Hire a reputation management company th help you improve our online reputation. 

Remove Personal Information (RPI) has developed an effective background removal process that includes a guaranteed improvement within 5 weeks. 

How to Remove Online Mugshots

If you were arrested and later exonerated from a crime, you can ask websites such as Busted Mugshots to update their information. You may need documentation such as proof of dismissal or expungement to get the website to pay attention to your request. The vast majority of the time, busted com mugshots will remove or update the information.

Now you know how to improve you online reputation with the help of our professionals such as those at RemovePersonalInformation,com. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


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