How To Remove Your Information From Whitepages

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Many people want to make sure that they either have a good or neutral reputation online. Long ago, only those who did business over the internet were very concerned about this, but now, it’s common for people to search up everyone they are interested in. This means that any negative information is far more likely to be discovered than it used to be.

As might be expected, people become concerned about this when they apply for jobs or even go through reviews at their current positions. If an interviewer or human resources officer does a search and finds reports of a checkered past, that could scuttle a new job or result in firing from a current one. Needless to say, those whose names bring up that sort of information often want to start online reputation management in order to remove it, or at least, bury it in search results.

Your main reason for wanting to get rid of online information may have nothing to do with hiding bad reports. In fact, if you want to know how to get your information off of the Whitepages site, you likely want to make it hard for someone – perhaps a stalker ex – from being able to find you and bother you. You also may want to make things more difficult for telemarketers, spammers, and scammers.

How to Get Your Information Taken Off of

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get your information off of these sorts of sites. Simply use the Whitepages opt out system.

To do it, go to Whitepages and search your own name. When the results come up, click your listing and copy the URL. Then, navigate to the Whitepages opt-out form. Paste the copied URL into the appropriate blank. Verify your information, provide a reason for removal, enter your phone number, and then enter the verification code that will be called or texted to you.

There are many sites like Whitepages, and almost all of them have a relatively easy opt-out process. The problem is how many of these sites there are. It can easily take over a day to find them all, go through them, and opt out from each and every one of them. If you miss even one, your information will remain online, and someone can still find and harass you. It doesn’t matter if the one you miss is some tiny site that has an obscure name.

Because of this, it’s a good investment to let Internet Reputation handle these tasks. Internet Reputation is a specialist in improving online reputation scores, and when desired, outright removing your online presence to the highest degree possible. They will be sure not to miss any of these sites that list people’s names and contact information.

What is a reputation score? It is a score that measures the “value” of your online footprint. If it is low, it means that there is negative information about you online. Internet Reputation’s main business is helping to improve this score, so if you’re worried about what a potential employer or another significant person will find if they search your name, contact them right away.

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