How to Manage Visitors in a Hospital: A Simple Guide

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In this article, we explain how you can manage visitors within a health care or hospital environment easily.

Who Can Visit?

Visitors to health care facilities are often restricted in the types of food they can bring into a hospital, which is usually a suitably-sized plastic lunchbox with a lunchbox lid. If you must eat, there are no sandwiches allowed.

Generally speaking, staff or relatives of patients or medical staff are allowed to enter. However, should a staff member need to leave a patient for some time, they must have approval by the medical professional. This can take place through telephone or an external company.

Especially with this pandemic, it is very important for hospital leadership teams to be working on employee vaccination management as well as the inevitable visitor management and the like.

However, an exception is made if the visitor has a genuine need to visit the patient, or if they have certain circumstances such as medical appointments with the patient scheduled. The medical staff will usually grant permission for a visit.

How to Manage Visitor Arrivals

You can manage visitor arrivals in several ways. One is by directing visitors to different floors or departments within the building. Some healthcare or healthcare and wellness facilities only have a designated “green zone” for visitors, where only patients and visitors with appointments are allowed.

With a website or mobile app, you can track the visitors’ progress once they arrive on-site. For example, your IT support team may be able to set up a website or mobile app to have visitors log on to the website or app once they arrive on-site. Your website or app will have a visitor-tracking bar on the front page of the website or mobile app.

A visitor tracking bar will have icons showing the new visitors. In the drop-down menu, you can either show the correct unit number on your website or mobile app.

Managing Visitors at Doorway

One of the easiest ways to manage your visitors is to place a simple sign in the lobby near the entrance or at the entryway and have the sign state that visitors are not allowed beyond that doorway. 

This is the easiest way to prevent people from coming in. A few people can enter the lobby from the main area of the hospital. This is the easiest way to prevent them from getting in or stopping their visit.

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However, a few people can come through the public entrance. The sign above that doorway is often used because it is centrally located. If the sign is not used, however, you may get people who sneak in by walking around the fence. You can also place a sign around the parking lot. This may not be so practical.

Most staff should be able to help you identify the people sneaking in.

Managing Visitors in a Patient’s Room

Visitors coming in to see the patients usually have some good intentions behind them. However, if they come with no one to accompany them and ask the patients what they want, it can create lots of problems.

The least you can do is to get a cell phone number or bring in someone to accompany them so they can ask the patients for their satisfaction, which is good for both patient and visitor.

However, you need to know how to get permission to access the patients’ room, especially if the patients can’t or don’t answer the door.


In many cases, the patient or patient’s relative might still be resting or asleep when visitors enter. It’s advisable for them to wake the patients up with a simple knock.

If that doesn’t work, you can wait outside the room and knock on the patient’s door again.


The purpose of this article is to help you to organize visitors and how you can create and set up some rules for visitors coming to your patient’s room or patient’s area. 

This rule management guide will help you to manage visitors as well as monitoring how and when visitors enter the patient’s room.

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