How to Make Money Quickly on Facebook! Turn a few pounds into thousands in a matter of months!


Before I explain how to earn fast cash on Facebook, please remember that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a scam. What follows are hard facts about how I make a full-time living by searching Facebook and buying and selling REAL items!

Buy, sell, swap, and trade sites are among the most recent crazes on Facebook pages. These are pages made by ordinary people like you and me. These pages are similar to the Facebook equivalent of Gumtree. Every page that people create is unique to them. For example, I live in the North East of England, and a dozen or more pages must be devoted to buying and selling items within a ten-mile radius of my home. You may be wondering how this can provide you with quick cash. I’ll explain how to do it further down.

Go to Facebook and search for keywords, such as sell swap, buy swap, buy sell, swap shop, and so on. For each term you explore, you should get a long list. What you want to do is look for ones that are within driving distance of you. I say this because I would not trust anyone to send me items from the other end of the country, so always look for local ones where you can see the things and pay in person.

The key to earning money right now is to browse your local pages regularly, and I mean regular, because some of these pages can be extremely popular, with items added every few minutes. You must be online and make your offer quickly to get the best deal.

When making offers, always message the person selling the item if you are making an offer. Do not respond to the thread. This way, the seller receives your message directly, and your request is hidden from everyone else, so no one knows how much you paid for the items. This is useful if you want to resell the items on the page at a higher profit margin. If you are buying and selling on the pages, I recommend creating a separate Facebook account so that people do not suspect you are a dealer.

Back to the items and what to look for, and how to determine if you can profit.

One example is mobile phones. If you see a mobile phone listed and believe me, there are many of them for meager prices, write down the model number and go check out all of those mobile phone recycling websites to see which one will give you the best price for that particular phone. Remember that these sites only require the phone, so keep the charger, remove the memory card, and any other accessories that came with it to sell on eBay for a profit.

If someone on Facebook is selling a Blackberry Bold 9700 for £120 (and yes, they do go for these prices as I recently bought one for £95 and £110), always offer them well below their asking price via private message. I usually send them a message asking what their lowest offer is and then make them an offer that is £10 less than what they say. Assume you purchase this phone for £100. You’ve already researched and discovered that these mobile phone recycling sites pay between £150 and £200 just for the phone, so you’ve already made a fortune on this one item. You’ll make more money selling the accessories and memory card separately.

Continue to browse these Facebook pages for anything that catches your eye, and another example of selling is eBay or Gumtree if you want to sell the items you purchased there.

The eBay completed listing tool is valuable for researching the going rate for an item you’ve found. For example, if you see a Nintendo Wii with a balance board and games on Facebook for £100, go to eBay and search for that product, then click on completed listings. This will give you an idea of the current market value and how much you can resell it. For £80, I recently purchased a Wii with a board, six games, one pad, and one nunchuck. The same day, I sold it locally for £125. So that’s another thing to keep an eye out for.

Browse the Facebook pages; there are tremendous bargains at all hours of the day. You only need to be online and make an offer quickly to get them. Always offer less than what they are asking, even if it is already a bargain because most people on the pages seem to need quick cash and let things go for silly money, which is why they listed the item in the first place.

I currently buy at least a half-dozen items daily, with an average profit of £10 – £100 on each item. That is not a lie.

Because of the Facebook interface, you get almost instant communication, and 99% of the time, you get the item you’re looking for, unlike Gumtree and other free ads where you have to wait for days for a reply or 99% of the time, no reply at all.

Try it yourself; spend a few days browsing and researching prices to see how much money can be made using my method.

Here’s an example of one of the pages I’m referring to; it’s new and needs more members, but it’s just an example of what you should be looking for. The larger ones have thousands of members and hundreds of items listed every hour, so plenty of bargains and money can be made!

The above is only a rough guide, but it will give you a good idea of how to turn your £100 or whatever you start with into thousands of pounds in months.

I’m just an ordinary guy with no fundamental computer skills, but I’ve discovered a way to make a full-time living using the internet. If I can do it, you can do it, too.

I now have plenty of free time to pursue my interests, including learning HTML code and creating blogs. I’ve recently started my first blog, which I hope to use to earn money eventually; everyone else seems to be doing it, so why not me? Most people appear to be making an automatic income, so I want a piece of that!

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