How to Give Your Retail Boxes an Eye Catching Twist?

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Today we focus on making our custom boxes eye catching, and how can that be done? It certainly has nothing to do with the product it contains. Retail boxes can be made eye catching by using premium quality packaging. People might find it a myth but studies have been conducted that support this that consumers in supermarkets and malls usually pick up products based on their packaging, outlook meaning how something looks, and their branding. Not always do the consumers have planned what they want to buy and whatnot, they browse for items, and as a result, what usually catches their attention goes into their shopping cart. We’re sure every company would want that their product is the one that lands into the cart, so for that what one needs to do is make sure to have an eye-catching and alluring packaging something that the buyer would look at and grab instantly.
With the changing time and the technology advancing at a rapid speed, a lot of things have been changing. The status of packaging is one of such things. Those times are gone when the packaging was considered an afterthought in today’s world the packaging is considered as important as the product itself. Some believe that an extra factor is required on the packaging since it plays the role of the face of the brand. The packaging very effectively conveys to the buyers what the product and holds, it displays the values and principles of the brand selling it. Moreover, many businesses have been a great surge in their sales after using eye-catching packaging. Thus we can say these retail boxes not only make the product look better but have many additional benefits like an increase in the sale of a product.

Many businesses are using these retail boxes to sell their products. The two industries that use these boxes the most are food and bakery items. You can have your candies packed in custom candy boxes, cakes and cupcakes in custom cake boxes, and similarly donuts in custom donut boxes. Ever since the concept of home deliveries has become common these boxes are playing an essential role in packaging. Many wholesalers are present in the market that are manufacturing these custom boxes. H5 packaging is also one of such brands. It is one of the most experienced companies in this business. They have large labor that makes sure to deliver your orders on time and with all the essential elements required.
Following are some of the things required to make your retail boxes eye catching:

Get inspiration from other tempting designs
Look around and browse in the market to get different ideas and inspirations for your packaging from different sources but remember taking inspiration is different from copying. Copying someone’s design can land one into hot water so always be mindful of that. Gathering bits and pieces of things you like in other packaging boxes and compiling them all together can do a great job. Ideas can be searched in magazines and over the internet but consulting a professional before any final decision is necessary.

Look for shapes that go with the product
The shape of the packaging plays a key role in attracting the masses. For example, if the product has to do something with strawberries, strawberry flavor, or its scent. You can get a strawberry-shaped box. Boxes with extraordinary shapes are usually easy to spot on the shelves. Similarly, another example would be that if the product is somewhat related to flowers you can get a box in the shape of the flower. Such boxes are usually quite in demand in the season of festivities. Like on Valentina’s day people prefer to buy chocolates in heart shapes boxes and on Christmas they prefer buying stuff in tree-shaped boxes.

Printing and design of the box
Printing and design of any packaging play a great role in making it alluring. Similarly, the designing and printing of retail boxes are among those characteristics that make them valuable. Packaging with vibrant colors and designs assist in catching the beholder’s eyes from a distance. There are several options available regarding printing like gold and silver foiling can be used for giving the box a shinier look. An additional option that customers are given is to decorate the box in glossy, matte, or aqua coating. Also, gold or silver foiling can be used for a shinier-looking box. Moreover, the boxes can have images printed on them as well. For example, if the box contains donuts, pictures of donuts can be printed to make it even more alluring.

Additional elements can be added
Additional elements mean holders or display windows. Boxes with holders not only help in improvising the appearance but also assists in carrying the boxes. Display windows that provide the buyers to have a look at the product are one of the most aesthetic elements of retail boxes that make them very attractive.


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