How to Get More Followers on Quora


Quora is an online question-answer platform with an engaged community of users spanning everything from science, technology, history, and personal development to health and entertainment. To know more, check out

When people post questions to the platform, its algorithm identifies relevant experts to answer quickly and easily. Furthermore, this platform keeps its community connected through upvoting, downvoting, and sharing answers from experts.

1. Share your answers

Quora is an online, crowdsourced question-and-answer platform where anyone can submit or answer queries on any subject matter. By democratizing knowledge, Quora is an ideal medium for marketers to share their expertise with an eager target audience.

Apart from answering questions, Quora provides many other business marketing opportunities. For instance, upvoting helpful and informative answers helps raise their rank in search results, leading to more views and clicks to your website.

Resharing your answers on other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter will increase exposure and build your brand as an authority figure.

2. Upvote

Quora is one of the world’s premier question-and-answer platforms, attracting millions of visitors daily who come to both ask and answer queries.

Upvoting someone’s answer is an instant way of showing appreciation and increasing platform engagement rates. In addition, doing this helps drive overall attention to their content.

Upvotes allow Quora users to build their reputation in their field and become known experts while connecting with professionals who can enhance answers and knowledge.

Quora Upvotes can be purchased without risk. However,, some potential issues must be considered before doing so – they could be removed by the site if reported as fraudulent, so you must research and select a dependable service provider who offers money-back guarantees.

3. Reshare

Acquiring followers on Quora can help increase your visibility and gain instant views, upvotes, comments, and reshares – helping you stand out from the competition and boost your visibility.

Quora stands out from other platforms by optimizing its platform and ecosystem to serve better readers, writers, askers, and information seekers.

Answering questions on Quora can help build your brand and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Engaging answers may even get picked up by Google – making Quora an invaluable way to expand your visibility online!

Building an audience on any social media platform involves an ongoing cycle of sharing, engaging, and thought leadership – this phenomenon is known as the “flywheel effect,” and marketers use it extensively as an invaluable asset.

4. Follow

Quora is an online question-and-answer platform where people post questions and search through hundreds of answers posted already. It is ideal for finding new content, networking with target audiences, and showcasing expertise.

One of the easiest ways to start using Quora is by following topics that interest you. This allows you to watch for new and relevant questions that will eventually appear in your feed.

Resharing and answering user-submitted questions on Quora can also help expand your following while building up your reputation as an expert in your field and increasing it’s following.

Quora can help you expand your audience by writing high-quality, relevant answers that address all key points and features of an issue or problem while answering any inquiries viewers might have. To maximize viewership growth on Quora, write answers that address each essential element of a problem while clarifying any lingering doubts they might have about its solution.

5. Comment

Regardless of your goal, comments on Quora can help build up your following or get your brand name out there while creating trust with followers. Just be careful not to spam.

As a rule, only comment on questions for which you believe and have an answer. Also, keep your responses short and sweet to avoid overwhelming the person asking the question.

One effective strategy to increase Quora traffic is to include links to your blog in answers. This will get people reading your articles, creating trust between readers and you.

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