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How to Deal With an Anxious Cat – You will discover cats that can highly relax. On the other hand, some kitties may be feeling the opposite, having the habit of being more jittery in addition to anxious. It can be problematic and disappointing for cat mothers and fathers who have their cats’ needs at heart.

If you’re one of the kitty parents who notice this particular nervous behavior in your feline friend, learn more about how you can assist her in feeling and being calmer.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Anxious

There can be some factors causing your cat’s anxious behavior, including:


 You may not know it. However, there may be something within your surroundings that’s scaring your cat, keeping her sensation nervous.

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat – Negative experience throughout early years as a cat – While your kitty was a young little cat, it could be possible that the girl had a negative experience, leading to this nervous behavior. Unfavorable experiences include but are not limited to homelessness, abuse, poor social skills and encounter with fellow cats as well as humans, and improper socialization.

New Environment: 

For those who have a new kitten or a mature cat and you brought your girlfriend home for the very first time, it is certainly possible for her to feel tense while in a new environment. The moment she’s been able to adjust to her surroundings, and with the family members, she will then set out to relax and feel in your house.

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat – If there are instances when you get her hiding under the bed furniture, do not fret. She will finally come out, so be in person with her. Over time, she will probably prefer to curl up on your seat than spend time in your airborne debris bunnies.


If you believe it or not, endurance instincts are naturally embedded in most cats’ genes. It could trigger a flight and fight response in felines, causing them to either leave or hide.

Other felines in the environment: 

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat – If you bring a new cat to your own home or attempt to introduce your cat to other cats within the neighborhood, expect your kitty to be more nervous and become guarded and defensive. This particular behavior is remedied with time by yourself, so be patient as your kitty adjusts.


Becoming ill can be a scary practical experience for everybody, including cats. While your cat is tired, expect that she is usually anxious as well. You should take her to the vets as soon as a possible time that you can consequently she can be treated. This way, the woman can be brought back to a happy and healthy state at the soonest time frame possible.

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat – Other dogs and pets in the environment instructions Aside from other cats and kittens, other dogs and puppies to which you create your cat could potentially cause her to be anxious. Many cats are social having dogs. It will take time for these phones to adjust and be tranquil with other pets around.

Completely new family member:

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat – Your cat friend, as with other felines, are compassionate creatures. Should there be a sudden change in the environment, say a new family member is at the household; your cat may be baffled by it, which could lead your girlfriend to hide for a minute. This behavior is normal, and it also usually lasts for only a quick moment. If you notice that your kitten is having a difficult time for more than a long time, it is very suggested to visit your vet.

What you should watch out for

Call your animal medical practitioner if ever you notice any of the following behaviors along with your cat’s freshly acquired anxiety.

  • Appetite damage
  • Overly aggressive behavior
  • Fleeing or perhaps hiding for an unidentified purpose
  • Frequent meowing or hissing
  • Coughing, drooling, biting himself
  • Developing bald patches inside her body

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat – Once you can trace the source or types of your cat’s anxious behavior, you’ll be able to take the proper actions to make her feel safe. You may not be able to keep the woman relaxed all the time but understand that you can always provide her with excellent nutrition through the help of the NuVet Plus feline formula.

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