How to choose a Rug that gives beautiful memories to your kids?

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Kids rooms are all fun to decorate and a place of learning as well. There are plenty of things like a crib to wall paint that can participate in the decoration of their rooms. Hardwood is a trendy flooring idea for your kid’s room, especially during winter. But it would be difficult for kids to crawl and play around on such surfaces. Well, Rugs come to their rescue.


Six Must-Know Tips

Kids rugs add beauty to the decor and also serve many purposes. A carpet can turn a monotonous room into the most attractive room in a trice. Sometimes a small mistake in choosing the right kid’s rug may ruin the charm of the room. There are a lot of points to consider before buying a kid’s rug.


  1. Room size and layout

Before you get hold of something beautiful during a rug purchase, it’s important to check the size and shape of the rug. To begin with, check out the space and the furniture position to conclude the size of a rug. A rug is supposed to be large enough to serve all its purpose. It’s also necessary to balance the look to the purpose of the carpet. Sometimes a large rug can ruin the image of the room, while a small rug would not serve the purpose.

Also, the rug should be thin if it runs under a door inside the room. If a playmat covers the whole room, then there must be some space between the edge of the mat and the furniture.


  1. Material choice

Choosing the material of the rug is the next factor to check. The material should be easy to maintain and child friendly.

Australian cotton being extensively sustainable, versatile and cheap, is the most preferred fabric for a variety of textiles, clothes and accessories. Cotton rugs are easy to use and friendly on pockets too.

Wool cut pile rugs are extensively durable and soft. They may shed in the beginning but will maintain the texture later. Loop rugs are similar to wool rugs; however, these do not shred. Shag and woven rugs are very soft to use for kids with sensitive skin issues.

For messy kids, jute and sisal rugs come to the rescue. Wool rugs are the softest and thickest rugs and are most suitable for snowy areas.


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  1. Colour and patterns

Kids rugs will ultimately have to match with their room and furniture. The wall colour also contributes a lot to the look of the room. So it’s essential to consider the colours. It’s easy when you buy a neutral colour rug to match their room decor. Also, solid colour rugs are a perfect choice if their room already has many colours and patterns.

Patterned rugs can add thinking skills to your toddlers. Patterns like circuits, hopscotch and xo can make it more fun.


  1. Shapes

The rug comes in various shapes such as rectangles, squares, etc. There are many distinct shapes like a doughnut or a mouse or anything that’s more than interesting.

With these different shapes, toddlers try to connect them with real-life objects. It enhances their creativity and thinking skills.


  1. Easy maintenance

Kids seem engaged when they are playing. But playing can make them very messy while turning the carpets messy. So, the mat should be easy to wash and dry. It’s better to avoid bushy mats that are difficult to clean or vacuum. Nylon and cotton rugs are machine washable and easy to maintain


  1. Educational rugs

The carpet is the place where most of the kids spend time on. It is the best way to incorporate learning with fun. A lot of rugs are available with numbers, alphabet and shapes for kids.

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