How to choose a power supply for your LED strip project

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Signals are an essential part of home decoration, and in terms of installation, LED strips aren’t as simple as traditional Lamoureux bulbs. Because they run on lower voltage DC, we cannot connect led strips straight to AC110V or AC220V. And may provide a voltage led strip is usually DC12V or DC24V. Directed strips are also available in DC3V, 5V, 36V, and 48V. However, they are used for very specific jobs. Now we are talking about DC12V/24V LED strip light. They need some led power supply that converts high voltage AC110V/220V straight into low voltage DC12V/24V once in use, then the led strip gentle is safe to use.

There are many LED strip power supplies that you can buy and different series and types of power supplies with different characteristics. Therefore, we need to know the three types of power supply expertise before choosing a led power accessory.

1. Waterproof led power supply

Waterproof led power supply is employed in the case of dustproof and water-resistant grade IP67 (safe via dust, submerged 15 cm to 1 m can work normally), we can see from the picture around the appearance of the led strip power, its shell is made of aluminum alloy can be anti-corrosion in addition to rust, it is used into the silicone sealant to close the electronic components, to ensure the waterproof led power supply can be employed in outdoor wet or rainy places.

2. Non-waterproof led power supply

Non-waterproof led power accessory is used in the case of dustproof in addition to waterproof grade IP20 (to prevent the intrusion of sound foreign objects with a length greater than 12. 5mm to prevent human fingers by touching the internal parts of often the appliance). As shown inside the figure, the IP20 scenario is made of aluminum alloy. The honeycomb hole on top includes a heat dissipation function, and the components inside can be seen from the honeycomb ditch. Therefore, non-waterproof led power can be used in dry inside places, such as ceilings, cooking area cabinets, TV cabinets, etc.

This is the newest product of regarding Yanshuoda company. C sequence C version is IP20 indoor four ways adjusting soothing switch LED power with high efficiency, quality, and competitiveness. The power variety of this series is 30-500w, the output voltage support 12v and 24v. Based on older products, it has some new improvements. Firstly, it’s the particular connector. We use a media-type connector and add considerably more AC. The press-style connector will not need almost any screwdriver, just a press, and a finished wire connection. More HVAC terminals will be better to get a parallel connection. This will protect your time& easy to use with a real project worksite. Second, it’s the voltage modification. It has 3 degrees to realize different brightness. The first qualification is 40%, the second qualification is 60%, and the third is 80%. Thirdly, most of us add a soothing start option, a soothing start power supply to get better eye protection, and quick voltage adjustment to get the favorite brightness. Fourth, this specific series is no fan design and style. The biggest advantage is not overheating damage due to the particles amassing caused by using fan cooling. Also, no fan design will not have sound. It will be better for you to enhance School, Hotel, and Meeting Bedrooms.

LED strip project

3. Dimmable led power supply

To meet some specific requirements, some customers would like to add some dimming function such as waterproof power supply or non-waterproof power supply. So there are 0-10v, 1-10v, Triac dimming.

PULSE WIDTH MODULATION dimming, resistor dimming

0/1-10V dimmer

The 0-10V dimmer includes a 1-10V dimmer. 0/1-10V dimming power supply design with handle chip, when connected to 0/1-10V dimmer, change the output existing of the power supply through 0/1-10V voltage change, adjust the particular brightness of the light.

LED strip project

Triac dimmer

By cutting the particular AC at the insight end of the power supply to modify the output voltage and recent, to achieve dimming

LED strip project

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PWM dimmer

By changing the thicker of the pulse signal to modify the light output, alter the duty cycle to adjust often the luminance of the lamp.


Through the series with the table lamp, change the resistance value to modify the current to achieve the purpose of dimming.

How to choose the right led strip light source power supply?

If you want to select a power accessory for the led strip, four move guides will help you select a power accessory.

Step1: Determine the Led strip lights voltage

The first step is obtaining the led strip voltage. The voltage of most led strip equipment and lighting is often 12VDC or 24VDC. You can ask the salesman what the résistance of the light bar will be when you buy the led strip you might as well check the details of the product. If you have bought a smaller light strip, know the voltage, and check the led strip. Many LED strips will have any mark showing 12V or perhaps 24V. As proven in the figure, the voltage in the light bar is 24VDC, so choose a led operator with an output of 24VDC.

LED strip project

Step2: Determine the power consumption of Led strip lights

The second step is to determine the power consumption of the reel light per meter inside the product specification. For example, each one meter of led strip light source consumes 4. 8w, the sum length of the strip light is 5m, then we can have more expertise in the total power consumption of the sunshine is 24W.

Step3: Know about the rule of 80%

Think about a power unit; it’s a good idea to make certain you are only using three-quarters of the rated power highest to increase the longevity of the power and keep it cool to counteract overheating. This calculation is carried out by dividing the wattage of the strip by zero. 8. For example, if the total power consumption is 24W, so 24W/0. 8=30W. This means you will need a power system with a minimum output connected with 30W.

Step4: Know the feedback voltage

You have to know how much HVAC voltage you are using; several countries use different HVAC voltage, some countries work with low voltage 100-130VAC, several countries use high résistance 175-264VAC.

You can find the right led power for your strip light job through the above strategies.

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